Butter – The Five Tip’s!

Butter – Find Out The Great Things You Can Do With It!

This shows you how to make butter yourself. Great idea if you have the cream in the fridge and don’t know what to do with it.

There is nothing better then fresh butter. You can leave it as it is made or you can add a little salt.

When we used to buy fresh cows milk, I used to make my own butter all the time.  That is pretty much what we were raised on.

While you have it fresh in the container you can make flavoured butter to use on all kinds of dishes.  There are garlic butters, spiced butters any spice that you are particular to, you can use to flavour your butter.




It’s kind of a neat idea making a candle out of it, but its a good thing to know if you need it at some point in your life.

You can use it to baste your fish or steak it brings out some great flavours.

You may find that it is not the same colour as bought, but that is normal. Mine was never the same colour.

Making your own also lets you know what is in it.  You have control over the additives. And as you will see you do not need a fancy machine to get it done.

Hope you enjoy this short video on different ways you can make and use butter.


5 Butter Life Hacks – Complation

Video by: CrazyRussianHacker