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This page tells you neat things to make camping more fun. It also tells stories of experiences that we have had that you may want to try . It shows you how to cook over a camp fire made easy.

Campfire Cooking & Survival Tips

Campfire Cooking The How To’s

There is nothing better then food cooked out over a camp fire. If you have never tired it you should , you will do it all the time.

I don’t know if its because you have been busy outdoors all day and are extra hungry, but I’m not going to  worry about that . I just know everything we cook is delicious.

We have the best out door cooking pots and pans . They are cast iron of the best kind . The heat is even and I think it just cooks food better.

That’s the kind of cook wear I would recommend to everyone…

Cowboy Campfire Cooking Venison Stew, Survival Tips, Splitting Bee Hive

Video by : Tim Farmer – Tim Farmer’s Country Kitchen

Basic Camping Essentials

The Basic Camping  Supply List !

This is a great list for everything you will need to survive on a camping trip.

You can add more but this is the base to start with.

I checked my list and have everything , plus a whole lot more .LOL

I camp very comfy as we all should .

Check out the list !

Basic Supplies, Part 1 | Camping

Video – Howcast- Heather Menicucci author of Let’s Get Primitive

Fruit Yogurt Dessert !


This is our fruit yogurt dessert that we are going to be having for our supper. It looks so yummy and I’m sure it will taste just as good.

You will need two large glasses ,  Yogurt-  regular or greek again this is your choice it all comes down to what your taste is I picked greek vanilla . The fruit of your choice , I picked strawberries and blueberries because it is fresh right now and in season.  I have used other fruits such as cantaloupe , kiwi , watermelon , banana’s and peaches . Which is equally yummy .

I started with fresh washed strawberries and blueberries on the bottom .  I cut the strawberries into quarters and put one on  the bottom with a scoop of blueberries .  Then I put about a 1/4 cup of greek yogurt , then  a scoop of cranberry trail mix on top of the yogurt ,on top of that more strawberries and blueberries . Then  more yogurt , blueberries , strawberries and cranberry trail mix . Once you are at the top of the glass put a about a tablespoon of yogurt on top and put a whole strawberry on top. The little dab of yogurt hold the strawberry in place to makes it look fancy.

This dessert can also we used as a breakfast .  It definitely is big and nutritious enough to keep you going until lunch or snack time.

The trail mix has dried cranberries , sunflower seeds , raisins , pumpkin seeds , almonds and cashew chunks .

It was so delicious .

Here is another recipe that I have used for a Fruit Yogurt Dessert


this recipe is about half the size of the  first recipe .

You will need smaller glasses , regular or greek vanilla flavored yogurt , cantaloupe , blueberries , a granola mixture and  the fruit nut mix .

The layering method I used is a little different then the first.  I started with the Yogurt then blueberries, cantaloupe , about a tablespoon of granola mix  then the fruit nut mixture .  Second layer more yogurt , fruit , granola mix then the fruit nut mixture to top it off .

This to is a good dessert or breakfast .  I have used them for both .

Hope you enjoy !

Steelhead Fishing !

kims cell pic 260

I have a funny fishing story for you.  It could have been serious but it turned out fine and funny.

My father and my husband were steelhead fishing on the Morice River just outside of Houston , British Columbia .  It was in the fall so it was chilly.  They were standing out in the water waist deep about twenty feet apart.  My husband called to my dad because he had just been in that area . He  told him that there was a drop off so be careful,  my dad just nodded and pretty much ignored him because dads are smarter you know.   So Ken just went back to fishing not paying attention . In a few minutes dads hat came bobbing along drifting right in front of him.  Ken grabbed it and turned around low and behold there was dad bobbing up and down just under the water trying to get his footing .  Ken grabbed him brought him up for air  and pulled him into shore .  Stripped him down and Ken gave him  his warm coat until they could get back to camp.

He was pretty wet and cold . Had to get all his stuff off and fresh warm clothes.  Hot tea and cuddling under blankets to warm up.

Needless to say maybe dads should listen some times .  Son-in-laws aren’t always wrong.  Anyway they had a good laugh about it then and for many years.

And they never hooked any fish to boot .  That was for another day .

Great Way of Going Fishing





THIS IS ONE OF OUR FISHING HOLES !summer 13 xmas 13 045


Northern British Columbia has been our fishing playground for over fifty years .  We do lure fish but the most fun is fly fishing which both my husband and two daughters do.  They have more fun with the action from fly fishing .  All the grandchildren lure fish but I’ m sure they will be learning the art of fly fishing one of these days . Its a little more challenging or so they say.

The fish from the northern water shed are totally different tasting then the ones from the southern water shed. The water is colder and the feed is different. We prefer the northern fish so that is why we do most of our camping and fishing up north.

I will have more adventures to report this year , seeing as I have just started my blogging I will have to take more pictures and write more notes as I am having my camping experiences . uslikaand cassidy bday 08 107

Well I will talk later with more camping how to’s and adventures.

Have a great day !  Happy Camping !!!

Fly Fishing

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Here is a look at what you will need to have to go fly fishing. You will need to practice to make sure you can get the fly to the section of water that you are hoping the fish are laying in .   When my family first started fly fishing many years ago they set up their rods and put a cork on the end of the hook.  Went out into the driveway or back yard depending on where they were. And spent hours casting , so they got so they could put the fly right where they wanted it to go.  Instead of wrapping it around themselves or a bush or another object that might happen to be there.  It got comical sometimes.  Even with all the practice they have hooked themselves , trees , bushes and other objects close by.

When they were fishing on the Morice River in Houston British Columbia my father hooked himself in his eye brow and they had to come all the way into the Houston hospital to get it removed .  That happened more then once .  He had a hard time living that down .

So even the experienced fisherman get themselves in embarrassing and funny situations .  But now and again everyone needs a good laugh.

Cooler Helper

My daughter sent me an idea that she found on line .  You know when you go camping and are filling your cooler .  First comes the ice and then you put your food in on top, everything is great for the first few days and then the melt starts.  Then all the food starts to take on water. You drain the cooler you move things around its still yukky in the end .

Well here is a fantastic idea that she told me about , this isn’t my invention but I’m certainly going to use it.

You buy 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe( plastic pipe for plumbing) if you don’t now what it is.  You buy end caps and special plumbing glue.  What I’m going to do is measure my cooler because they are all different and cut my PVC to the appropriate length . You glue and cap one end leave it to dry.  Once dry fill PVC with water leaving a space for the freezing process of the water because it will expand during the freezing.  Take the top cap , glue and put into place stand to dry . Once you have left it long enough to dry put into deep freeze and let freeze.  The next time you go camping put into your cooler and walla you have cold and no leaking water and no soggy packaging.  When you come home put back into freezer and you are ready for the next camping trip.

I’m going to make myself three .  We like ice in our drinks so I am going to get a smaller cooler just for ice.

This is a useful and fun project to do .

Have a great day, talk again soon

Now This is a Fish

100_1539kims cell pic 260kims cell pic 259

This is a fall Steel Head which was caught and released on the Morice River in Central British Columbia  between Houston and Smithers.  We go every fall at least two times . We had just spent a week there .  My husband and daughters are into fly fishing .  I’m more of the read a book and keep the fire burning kinda gal , so I went along to camp sit.  I love the out doors nothing is better, so I have as good a time as they do just not standing up to my waist in water. They don’t understand me and really I don’t understand them so we are even . And that’s okay.


Most of our Camping and other fishing is done in the far north past the 56 parallel .  We fish in the Artic water shed that comes down into northern B.C. Canada .  There is no comparison in the taste of the fish , the northern fish live in ice cold water and are very clean tasting not like the fish in the warmer part of the province . When they are raised in warmer waters they have a softer flesh and if its in a shallow lake they can sometimes taste earthy.  We just like the clean fish taste.  So needless to say we don’t fish much unless its up north or steelhead fishing which is catch and release.

But this is our personal preference. There is lots of fishing all over the province and is loved by lots of outdoor people. B.C. has thousands of lakes with beautiful fish and fishing experiences.

I will be blogging more about our trips now that summer has arrived, I’m excited that winter is over. So stay tuned .


Good Day Fishing

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This is the place that we go to catch and eat our fill of fish.  We catch only what we can eat because they are much better fresh out of the water. The rest we say we leave for seed.  The place that we go fishing is in the northern part of British Columbia . We travel about seven hours north of Vanderhoof.  The road is gravel and part of it is not looked after anymore by either the mining or logging outfits.  So on that part  we are on our own and have to take any problems on our own.  Which we are used to, seeing as we have been going up there for over forty-five years .

Any fish we catch is in the Artic water shed that’s why they are so good. The water is very cold so the fish are very firm and have a wonderful clean taste.  There is no muddy taste like fish when you catch them in the warmer shallower lakes. And the feed is different.

We can catch fish at the river mouth at both ends of the lake either coming in or going out.  There is great river fishing .  They go up as far as they can and float down fly fishing as they float down to the lake.  The entrance of the river is real easy fly fishing too there is a huge sand bar that they put an anchor on where they and sit and fly fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.