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Pirate Ship Tree House !


Another neat sight that I saw was in my sisters back yard.  They built my niece a tree house in the shape of a Pirate Ship .

It was built in the summer of 2009 and designed after “The Black Pearl” on the show “Pirates of the Caribbean ” The stain on it is even call Black Pearl .  It also flies the Skull & Cross Bones off the bow .

It is totally wired for electricity and has lights on it so it can be used at night and for sleep overs . At Christmas it even has Christmas  lights on it .

Meara and the neighborhood kids all have had a lot of fun with the tree house. It has created a lot of talk .


The tree used to be a full tree but it had to be chopped off last year because of rot.  It was quite the process without wrecking anything.

The other interesting part of the play area in the yard is the trampoline .  When they set it up the first time it was blown away in a big wind storm . So when they were doing the landscaping in the back yard they dug a hole and counter sank it into the ground so it has a permanent home with no blowing away anymore.  And not one injury has been had by all. Great way to protect the children .IMG_0066

Quails Gate Winery



Here we are at another winery on our touristy tour of West Kelowna !!

Quails gate winery is over looking the Okanagan Valley and Okanagan Lake.  Again the views are spectacular of the vineyards.


This year they are celebrating 25 years of wine making .  The family themselves have been in the Valley for many years , since 1908 . They were growing fruit trees .  In 1956 they purchased Quail Gate Estate and started transitioning into wine making.

They have a restaurant on site “The Old Vine ” which is rated in the top 100 restaurants in Canada.

I thoroughly enjoyed  touring everything and looking out over the it all . I highly recommend going for a tour . Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable .

If you visit B.C. Wine country you will find 250 grape wineries / 299 if you include those who make their own fruit wines. They offer unique experiences and thousands of signature wines .  Once considered an up and coming region , B.C. wine country now tops the list of notable international wine destinations.

Some of the Wineries have on site galleries featuring local art . Others offer cooking classes and educational wine seminars.

So all in all my wine touring was a great success. Next time I am going to pick a few more to visit.

Mission Hill Winery

IMG_0108IMG_0109                                             MISSION HILL WINERY

Mission Hill Winery was our next stop on our Adventure Day !!

It is a beautiful spot almost speechless .  The scenery is incredible.   It is set way up on the top of a hill over looking Okanagan Lake , just breathtaking.

They have an award winning terrace , lush vineyards an outdoor entertainment area where  concerts are preformed in the summer.

IMG_0113 This is a view of the concert area .

This summer they are having Chris Botti , Martina McBride and the Wallflowers.  I was interested in the Martina McBride concert but the hostess we spoke to said she was all sold out.  It took very little time to sell out she said.

The restaurant was just opening the day that we were there. So things were really just getting started for the summer season.IMG_0111 Restaurant area

This is the outdoor area that they have the restaurant in stunning very over looking the lake , and vineyards.

We went into the area where they taste and sell the wines very classsy .  We went into one of the rooms and they had just put a new light into it.  The light fixture had just come in from Italy about a month ago and they had just got it up and running.  It was quite the site . Super elegant .  The hostess that was telling us about it said they sent extra arms because they were so fragile that some were bound to break , which they did. Here is a picture of it. You would need some home if you were ever to have something this beautiful .IMG_0118 New Chandelier

In the store and tasting area they had hundreds of bottles of wine all different brands and costs .  There was wine for all budgets and taste.  Very cool to see .

The bit of history that I got was very interesting also .

It started in 1860’s when Father Charles Pandosy first planted grapes .  It was started so that the church could have its sacramental wine for Pondosy’s tiny parish . What was produced served its purpose , but didn’t or wouldn’t win any awards on the world wide wine community today.

So after checking out Mission Hill we are off to another point of interest !

Road Trip !!


Left on a beautiful sunny morning on a road trip to see family down in the Okanagan .  West Kelowna to be exact . I am traveling with my daughter and grandaughter and one of her friends.  We are off to see my sister and do some exploring of the area.  I have been there before but never got much of a chance to see the sights.  So I am going to play tourist this weekend.

The first morning Cammie said we just had to go to a little bakery in West Kelowna call “Dolicious” and have breakfast . They bake everything fresh daily . These are the choices that we made for our breakfast , they were delicious.   I could not believe how good they were compared to other baked goods that I have eaten.  The filling that they put in is huge.  Usually you have to hunt down the filling but not with these they were bursting with it . They have a very colourful outside seating area and a cool little booth for the summer time out door sales.    They will be selling hot dogs and small donuts from the booth .  I will definitely be going back there on my next visit.   We are off to our next stop !!                                                                   IMG_0102IMG_0100