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This page is about Natural and Alternative Health products and issues. Some you will agree with others will cause lots of discussion which is a good thing .

Chaga Tincture !


Today I am making Chaga Tincture.  It is made from The Chaga Mushroom that you have already made your tea from and put aside and redried .

So according to the recipe and instructions .  On the Morning of the new moon which was June 16 th ,2015 . I took my redried chaga and 151 proof rum and combined them booth into a glass jar.  The recommendation to make a good chaga tincture is to use alcohol that is between 120 proof plus.  You can use an alcohol of less proof 80- 100 but the higher the better.  The reason for using alcohol as a extractor is that it can bring out compounds that will not come out with the use of hot water or digestion .

Once you have mixed your chaga about 4 tablespoons of powder or two chunks about the size of golf balls  to 0.5 litres of alcohol in a sealed jar shake it put it to rest on the counter. I used a whole 26 of 151 proof rum to about 8 chunks of redreid chaga.  Then everyday  shake it until the next full moon or any subsequent full moon.  Our next full moon is on July 2 nd ,2015 .  On that day I will be filtering the Chaga Mushroom out of the alcohol .  I will be using either a mesh stainer or cheese cloth.  The remaining clear liquid is your tincture.

The next step is to bring your proof down to around 60 to 70 proof which is 30% -35% alcohol.  You dilute it with water a good spring water or purified water . We will be using Spring water because we have access to it.  The amount of water that you add is two-thirds the volume of the 100 proof extract .  When this is accomplished , pour into  bottles with eye droppers.  The bottles should be glass.

The dosages of the Chaga Tincture for healthy people is 3 to 6 full droppers a day .  For people who need assistance to improve health , the dosage is significantly increased to as high as 20 to 40 full droppers per day. This dosage information was taken from Chaga – The King Of Mushrooms by David Wolfe

I have read this information from “The Minnesota Mycological  Society had a fungus exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota .  There was a big chunk of Chaga on the table.  One of the visitors was a Russian Physician .  She immediately recognized it and enthusiastically told us about how it is used in her country . The Chaga is used as a very concentrated alcohol tincture .  The prescription : give three times daily one drop of the tincture for each year of the patients age .  So for me that would be 62 drops three times a day .” This information came from – Ron Spinosa, The Chaga Story , The Mycophile 47 ,no.1

For myself I will be using it by how many drops for every year of my age because I feel that you have better control. Seeing as I am 63 I will split it into three times a day at 20 drops each time. Seeing as I am  healthy person.

Seawater -Blood Plasma Substitute ?

Seawater – blood plasma Substitute ? May sound weird to some of you but this is an article that I read about and found very interesting. So I thought I would write a little bit about what I have found out .  The author of this article is Dianne Jacobs Thompson and was published in the Nexus  Magazine.  I found this on line on their web site.

This research was done by the author because of her fear of having blood transfusions or anything else injected directly into her unprotected blood stream.

They can screen the blood and do the best they can at getting rid of any so called bugs but they cannot sterilize the blood any more then they can sterilize vaccines to kill all unwanted “bugs” without destroying the nature of these products.

This is just a portion of what the article talks about.  She joined a membership website that featured little-known alternative treatments for cancer and infection.  This included “the Marine Treatment ” based on  the work of French biologist/physiologist Rene Quinton.  He proved that seawater properly formulated and under certain conditions , is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma.  With the assistance of many eminent physicians , he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900’s . Cancer was almost unknown in those days , but many other disease conditions responded to injections of the diluted ocean water , a true “marine plasma ” which could mineralize a sick body , normalize the pH level and balance the electrolytes , thereby correcting the underlying cause of many disease conditions by regenerating the “internal terrain”, as Quinton called it.

Many early 20th century scourges such as tuberculosis were shown to be healed by this remarkable marine plasma.  Historically, ocean water (plasma) has had numerous applications , based on the concept of renewing , purifying and regenerating the internal fluid terrain as well as maintaining the equilibrium of the body . It has proved to be a support for and  to regenerate  cell functions .

How important is mineral and trace mineral balance in the body ? Many researchers, including Dr. Joel Wallach  , author of the best-selling audiotape” Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” , claim that the absence of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to as many as 10 different disease symptoms .

Dr. Wallach believes that a common heart condition which has killed countless victims from professional athletes to heart specialists , or made them candidates for heart transplants , is caused by nothing more then a deficiency of the trace mineral Selenium , which can help or prevent by a few cents worth of selenium supplements a day.

Enter Seawater – the missing link in deficient elemental nutrition.  It contains every mineral and trace mineral known , in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues – and its been there all along as a healing and life giving agent , hidden in plain sight. The web site that she first found the Marine Treatment information had a good report and impressive photos a more complete website on the subject was under construction. , she discovered Dr. Juergen Buche ,ND, he was in the process of translating a large body of ocean water research and supporting documents from the original French into English.

It turns out that the trials were run on stray dogs to test ocean plasma (diluted , cold filtered ocean water) as a transfusion substitute .  In one experiment , Rene Quinton and his medical team drained a dog of all of its blood and replaced it with isotonic (diluted) seawater.  The dog should have died immediately , one would think , but the dog lived . On day two after the transfusion , 50 percent of the blood components had reappeared .  By day four almost 100 percent of the missing blood components were restored in what appeared to be proof of biological transmutation (a change from one element to another) . Not only did the blood completely regenerate , but soon after the procedure the dog bounced around like a puppy with greater vitality than before, and it lived for many years afterwards.  Just think what a safe , effective , plentiful substitute for blood transfusions that would mean for the world..  No side effects , no blood type matching needed , no pathogen screening required , and it would be a true plasma with proven healing properties in itself.

Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma , and its sodium content matches that of the blood .  It was successfully used in animal tests but has not been used for any human trials .

This article is for interest and information only.  It is here for you to form your own opinion and in doing so there is more information out there for you to research. I am also going to so a little more information gathering because this is very intriguing .  Who knows what will be discovered next .


Chlorine In Our Water !!

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If people only knew about the chlorine in our water and the harm it can cause.

Our Bodies are made up of mostly Water !  Water is the most important thing we as humans can consume .

What is Chlorine ?  Well here is a little bit about it !

Atomic Weight -35                                                                                            Chlorine is an element of the halogen group .  The Halogen group is comprised of fluoride and iodine.                                                                          These elements have only one electron missing.  They are very reactive . After Fluoride the most reactive , non-metal element.

Chlorine is among the 20 most abundant elements. In one ton of sea water , there is 1.6kg of chlorine.  But in sea water as well as in natural  informations , chlorine exists in inorganic form as the safe negative chlorine ion (salt – NaCI )                                                                Properties : Greenish -yellow gas , liquid , rhombic crystals.            Hazard Classification : non-flammable gas , poison                                  Toxicity : Poison to humans by inhalation .  A strong eye and mucus membrane  irritant .

Chlorine compounds have been linked to 100’s of diseases and genetic health in both humans and animals. Concentrations of 50ppm are dangerous for even a small amount of time , 1000 ppm can be fatal even if the chlorine is dried.

One of the most talked about contaminants in our drinking water is the disinfectant used to kill harmful bacteria.  Chlorine with other chemicals and naturally occurring organic material form many carcinogenic substances.

In your shower as hot water steams , chemicals evaporate and are inhaled. The amount of chlorine absorbed by your body in a 10 minute shower equals  a gallon of tap water consumption.  Showers are the lesser of the health hazards .  Baths lead to greater exposure to the chemical concentrations. The chemicals evaporate out of the vapors and are inhaled.  They can also be spread throughout the house and inhaled by other family members.  House holders can receive 6 to 100 times more of the  chlorine by breathing the air vapors around the showers and baths then by drinking the water. Not only can you breathe these vapors in but your body will be absorbing the chemicals through your skin .The effective line of defense is to put a shower filter on your shower head.

Chlorine has been called “The Devils Element ”  .   God created 91 elements , man about a dozen and the Devil 1 – CHLORINE .

Chlorine gas does not exist in nature , therefore it is a stranger to our biosphere .  The companies that produced chlorine in 1929 did not realize the effect that  it would have on humans and wildlife . The compounds are now threatening the fertility of higher mammals such as polar bears and the have been known to cause intelligence disorders in children whose mothers ate contaminated fish while pregnant.  Scientists are stating that chlorinated water is not fit for  human consumption .

Many countries have banned the use of Chlorine and products with chlorine . In 1994 the Clinton administration attempted to ban chlorine , but the chemical industry was successful in stopping the ban of chlorine in the U.S. and Canada.

This is information that I have acquired from  it is for informational and educational purposes only. There is so much more information on this subject I could be blogging for a long time about it.  I just thought it was food for thought and then let people make there own choices.  I have written this because for the first time in my life I am in a town where I am using treated water. We have always had our own water source up until now.  Every morning when I get in the shower I get this horrible chlorine smell and I know its not good for me.  We do not drink the water but we are still in the environment where the chemicals are.  We are in the process of looking for a filter to put on our shower to help in some way.  I know its not a cure but its at least attempting to fix it in some small way.

Chaga Mushroom Hunting


This weekend we went Chaga Mushroom Hunting and hit the jackpot.  We retrieved two and are drying them out to make tea.

The camp ground that we went to has a lot of old growth birch trees on it.  We walked a couple of miles around it and thought there was not many . Until we looked waaaaayyy up. Holy we spotted eight in a group of about ten trees.  But they were about 30 to 40 feet up in the trees.  They are huge , so now we are trying to figure out how we are going to get them.  Its driving my husband crazy so I know he will be coming up with a way.

There is a lot more acreage that we haven’t even checked out yet so we know we have a good month of searching that area.  Hopefully it will give us enough chaga for the winter and then some.

We are in the process of drying the two that we did get and tomorrow , we will be brewing a big pot of chaga tea.  It is good warm and cold.  We are starting to like it cold better its a nice refreshing drink.

You can make the tea fairly easy .  We prepare our tea using a stainless steel pot that is the recommended kind of pot .  We use spring water , we do not use tap water or reverse osmosis water.  The tea you get from spring water is the best. We take a couple of chunks about the size of a golf ball and put them into the water, I let it soak for about three to four hours and then I turn the heat on to a medium heat.  I do not let it come to a boil it comes up to a very slow simmer. They recommend you cooking your chaga tea over propane heat or a wood cook stove you get the best results , electric heat is not the best heat to use but if that is all you have it will work. The temperature should be around 160 F. or 75 degrees C. ,  I keep it at that low simmer for at least two to three hours , then I turn it off.  At that time we usually have a cup of the hot chaga tea.  It is then cooled down and put into a glass jar and refrigerated.  We have had it in the fridge for up to a week , but with us it does not last long .

We have not tried this but you can add lemon and honey to sweeten it.  We have a product which is a sugar substitute called Xylitol it to is derived from the birch tree  this can be used to sweeten the chaga tea.  Some people have even used birch syrup that they made from tapping the birch trees just like the maple trees . I have tasted birch syrup and it is delicious especially on ice cream. Next year I am going to tap my own birch trees and make some so that will be a story for another time.

There are many other products you can make from the chaga mushrooms which I will be back to tell you about in the near future.



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What is Rejuvelac’s ?  Rejuvelac’s is a non-alcoholic fermented liquid made from sprouted grains , because it is fermented rejuvelac’s contains beneficial bacteria and active enzymes .

Rejuvelac’s can be drank as a digestive aid or used as a starter culture for other fermented foods such as seed yogurts , raw nut yogurts , cheeses , sauces and essence breads .

The rejuvelac liquid has been used in ancient times anad by people of today for the following benefits.

1- Good Bacteria – rejuvelac’s  has been referred to as the original probiotics drink since it contains the good kind of bacteria that helps keep the digestive system healthy and strong .

2-Vitamin & Mineral content – Vitamin A-C & E along with essential nutrients like , proteins , carbohydrates and phosphates.  All of these basically boost the immune system and makes the body generally healthier.

3- It has an anti-inflammatory benefit – This is especially true for inflammation that occurs in the intestines . Through its lactobacilli content rejuvelac is able to ease the inflammation process .

So the first ingredient you will need to make rejuvelac’s is wheat berries.  You can also use rye , quinoa , barley , millet , buckwheat , rice and any other type of grain , but I use Wheat .

Add one cup of wheat berries or your preferred grain . and place into a sprouting jar , glass is the best , fill with good quality water spring water if you have access and 1 tbsp of Silver Colloid – The silver colloid gives the berries a boost because it kills any bacteria that might be in the grains . Leave for 24 hours and drain off the water leave the wheat berries in the jar and rinse 2 or 3 more times a day with spring water until the sprout tails appear .  Place the sprouted grain into a large jar with a top that allows for circulation .  Add four to six cups of good spring water and let sit on the counter for 2-3 days.


You will notice the water getting cloudy , it will look like the color of pale straw  and little bubbles will start forming .  This is when the rejuvelac is ready to drink . The taste should be clean and fresh with a hint of lemon flavor and slightly tangy with a mild earth aroma  . Drain the rejuvelac off of the berries and store in a glass container with a lid in the refrigerator .  It will keep for at least a week . Just make sure that it smells and tastes fresh .

You can reuse the same wheat berries to make a second batch refill the jar with fresh spring water and let sit back on the counter . This batch will take about 24 hours to make .

You can compost the berries once they are done or you can dry them and feed them to the birds . This is what we have done with ours .


Silver Colloid


The All-Natural Full-Spectrum Germ Killer

Lets start this information by telling everyone a little bit about the product .

It has been referred to as a Natural Antibiotic , it is totally natural the contents are pure water and 99.9% pure Silver particles .

A powerful,non-toxic Antibiotics . Natural , safe and effective.

Silver Colloid is virtually tasteless -nontoxic , odorless and non-allergenic a pure natural substance consisting of sub-microscopic clusters of Silver.

There are no known recordings of any allergic reaction to Silver Colloid, but if you do have a Silver allergy it is best not to take this product.

Silver Colloid is Safe for Humans , Animals , Reptiles , Fish , Birds , and Plants .  All Multi-celled living matter.

How Does It Work

The presents of Silver Colloid near a virus , fungus ,bacterium or any other single cell pathogen disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme , its chemical lung so to speak. Within minutes the germ suffocates an dies and then is cleared out of the body by the immune , lymphatic and elimination systems .

Silver Colloid leaves tissue-cell enzymes intact , as they are radically different from the enzymes of the single celled life (virus,fungus,bacteria ,etc.)

Thus silver colloid is safe for all multi-celled living matter ( humans , reptiles ,plants and animals)

Early Uses of Silver

It has been known for centuries that silver has powerful germ killing properties . In ancient civilizations, the wealthy used silver containers to store liquids and silver eating utensils were most preferred .  There were reports of long ago of silver rods being  applied to open wounds to stave off infection.

(In traditional Ayurvedic medicine a healing system that originated in India over 2000 years ago ) Silver is used in ash form and in its suspended form, colloidal , to rejuvenate the body.  It helps with liver and infectious conditions ,as well as inflammatory conditions .  (

Silver Colloid was developed circa 1891 and was used to treat sores of infectious ailments.  It was taken orally and used as a throat gargle ,injected intravenously and intramuscularly ,used as eye drops and applied  topically  .   Silver Colloid is classified as a Universal Antibiotic effective for more than 650 disease organisms .

We will be back to bring you more information and facts about Silver Colloid. Talk again soon.

Birds and Silver Colloid

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BIRD‘S !!!

Small birds a few drops in their drinking water will be enough and a cap full in their bath water.  Lots of birds , Larger Birds ? Add more Silver Colloid to the amount of water used .

1 & 1/2 tbsp. per gallon of water .

Some of the poultry industry is relying on Silver Colloid to keep  birds healthy and bacteria free.  Healthy water is essential for robust birds  and sanitation using Silver Colloid is becoming an alternative to traditional chemical treatments .  It has become obvious that the water supply had become the reason weak legs have slowed down the chickens feeding a well causing respiratory problems that resulted in high death rates.  Bactria commonly found in fecal contamination were eliminated with the use of Silver Colloid .  So in short order , leg strength returned and respiratory problems were reduced .  The more active birds increased their food and water intake , resulting in an average weight increase of over seven pounds. A pound above previous averages.

“Certainly , pigeon fanciers , many of them reputed experts are reaping the benefits of Silver Colloid , if their enthusiastic reports are anything to go by , many of them claim that their birds are flying faster , have more stamina , and have never been in better racing conditions since ingesting regular amounts of Silver Colloid .  Breeding results , it is said have also improved , hens seem to be producing more chicks than before with less clear eggs , chicks , are reported to be healthier and hardier in the first few weeks of life .”

This info was from :

will be bringing you more information and stories  through the next weeks  about and on Silver Colloid

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Silver Colloid for Animals


printsgop 066printsgop 088IMG_0078

The cat in the briefcase is my sister’s cat . His name is Whiskey and for some reason he liked sleeping in my briefcase.  All the time I was there if it was open , there he was.  He also has had some of the benefits of Silver Colloid when he was having some health issues. They have another cat Sugar who I never got a picture of but she also has had her weekly doses of Silver Colloid . She had some major bowel issues. It was just added to their drinking water.  It is very easy to administer .

Silver Colloid is highly beneficial on treating common eye disease like conjunctivitis and chlamydia .  It also helps fight  bacterial ear infection and abscesses  , which are common among pets . A pure solution is good for the common cold . It also rapidly heals tick and flea bites .

Seedy Toe  has been treated successfully with Silver Colloid . It is effective for eye’s, ears’ ,cut’s ,  scrapes , sores and toes , it also can be sprayed up their nostrils . ( good luck with that haha )

Horses have had it added to their water troughs and sprayed or dabbed on skin damage , cuts , bruises or areas where there coat is thinning.  A cotton ball soaked in Silver Colloid and packed into a gammy hood overnight and changed daily will soon uncover the growth of healthy skin.

Silver Colloid has been very successful  in veterinary use for the canine parvo virus.   Silver Colloid has properties that enhance an animals immune system.  Some animals tend to gain weight and  energy after completing a course of Silver Colloid.

Adding Silver Colloid to drinking water of  your pets will bring the fastest solution of all problems caused by bacteria , fungal , viral and parasite attacks .


Large animals – 1/4 cup twice daily for 7 days –  maintenance dose – 1-2 tablespoons daily in their water.

Smaller animals – 1- teaspoon twice a day for 14 days , then 1/4 teaspoon for a maintenance dose

All of this information is for your use , but it is not to replace a Veterinary’s advice and service.

This information was derived from personal use and from other areas . Most of the information came from collodial-silver .com  this is where I accessed it when I was looking for help with my animals and those of friends .

Wheatgrass-Reversing illness !


Wheatgrass juice is perhaps the most powerful and safest healing aid there is.

It does not attach and destroy bacteria or malignant cells , it has the ability to strengthen the whole body by bolstering the immune system . The exact way that Wheatgrass juice improves the immune system is as of yet unknown . Rather then being one or two elements responsible for healing , the key factor may be a unique combination of nutritional values and energetic attributes.

The bodies ability to fight illness is determined by the immune system.  Wheatgrass juice and other raw foods may increase your odds of over coming any kind of health issues .

In contrast modern drugs are taken to correct one symptom or another without effectively strengthening the overall health . The body heals itself ; the physician is only natures assistant.

The unique nourishing and cleansing properties of Wheatgrass juice, makes it an ideal ally in the battle against disease , including heart disease , certain forms of cancer , especially those that lead to a depressed immune system and the subsequent attack of the body by microbes or viruses .

I personally take 1-2 ounces of wheatgrass juice per day , which I have been doing now for over a year.  Before that I had been very sick and on lots of different kinds of medications.  I went off one of the worst medications I was on , with the help of my specialist and then off all the rest . The one was a medication that you could not just stop taking because you felt like it , but with the help of my Doctor I did. I have been bed ridden off and on for the past twelve years , and when I wasn’t in bed I was in constant pain , but this past year since I have stopped all medications and have been taking Wheatgrass consistently every day , I have never felt so good. I still have a few bad days but over the counter pain pills fix it within a few hours. I feel so lucky to have found wheatgrass juice and good doctors to help me get off my meds.

So now I grow all my own wheatgrass and have worked very hard to make it the best quality that I can to get the best nutrients out of it.  My whole family are now taking it and its helping them all in their overall health .

The information in this article about the wheatgrass juice has been access through the book written by Ann Wigmore – “The Wheatgrass Book “.  Along with my own personal results of me taking and living with wheatgrass in my life.

There are a lot more interesting facts about the uses of wheatgrass juice and the growing of it. So I will be bringing for information in the near future.

Have a wonderful day !!

No one should stop their medications without the approval and the assistance of their Doctor.   Wheatgrass may not be everyones angel like it was mine.

How To Grow Garlic !


On my trip to Kelowna / West Kelowna I had a lesson on growing garlic.  My brother-In-Law Robin has been growing garlic for years,and does a very good job .

His garden right now is brimming with garlic that is getting ready to be harvested. Harvesting is usually at the end of July.IMG_0068

First thing to do is to prep the soil for planting . Planting can be           in September, October or November – the main consideration is the plants need to grow roots before the freezing sets in.  So four to six weeks before ground freezes . There should definitely be no top growth .  Robin plants his around Thanksgiving that is Canadian Thanks giving which is the middle of October.   The American Thanksgiving is in November . So you have to check the differences .

Some say that garlic should be planted on the shortest day of the year and harvested on the longest , but for Canada that would not work our shortest day is in December.

                                     GROWING CONDITIONS !

Garlic likes a sunny patch in the garden .  Garlic also likes rich, well drained soil .  It does not do well in light or tight soil that lacks organic matter and tilth. Sulfur and Sulfides are said to increase potency and flavor.  Keep the soil evenly moist.

Do not plant garlic where other onion plants grew the year before, because onion pests can be passed on to the garlic .  You can plant in your potato bed from the last year the garlic will use the available nitrogen the potatoes did not use and there are on crossover pests.

                                        WHAT TO PLANT !

Garlic is divided into two subspecies “Ophioscorodon” (referred to as Ophio or topsetting or haradneck garlic’s ). ” Sativum ” ( referred to as softneck or articoke or Italian or Silverskin garlic’s .

You can go to your grocers and buy a bulb and plant those cloves and you may get good yield , but its chancy , put the odds in your favor by buying from a local farm or nursery .  Garlic cloves are the seed .  Plant little skinny cloves and you get skinny little bulbs . Plant big beautiful unbruised cloves and you get big beautiful bulbs.  Bruised cloves are susceptible to fungi and diseases .  DO NOT PEEL THE CLOVES !

                                    HOW MUCH TO PLANT !

One pound of garlic yields 3/4 of a pound of large plantable cloves . One to three pounds of planting stock will produce plenty for the average family gardening plot.  Garlic lovers will need three times that . Softnecks store longer then hardnecks .

Plant 4 inches apart in rows . Dept is 1 inch to 4 inches beneath the surface , depending on the severity of the winters . If your average planting clove is 2 & 1/2 inches plant one clove every 5 inches.

                                      MULCHING !

–  Their  favorite mulch is fresh grass clippings and well chopped   deciduous (fallen ) leaves.

– Four important tips for growing Garlic :

– Keep Garlic beds weed free .

– Watch for disease – Fauaruim -a fungus that causes black spotting on sin and rotting cloves and tiny soil worms . Insects include mits and cut worms .

– In the spring when plants are grown  green leaves water like a green garden .  Nitrogen is appreciated at this stage .

– Garlic requires moisture throughout its growing period . Do not allow the plants to dry out completely . Once the stock begins to droop and turn brown – STOP WATERING !

                                   HARVESTING !

– Dig do not pull , The skin develops during the curing process.

– Do not leave the harvested bulbs in the sunlight . Take them to a cool dry place with circulating air .

                                     CURING !

– To prevent mold – humidity should be below 70 %

– It may take a month for the moisture to evaporate , the flavor to strengthen and the outer skin to become papery .

– If you want to braid your garlic do it while the stocks are wet an flexible .

– Once it is totally cured you can hang them in your kitchen .

                                   GARLIC AS A COMPANION PLANT !

– Garlic  – Fruit trees and nut trees  it repels moles

– Garlic – roses ,lettuce and peas , helps to keep aphids away .

– Garlic -plant throughout your garden and it helps keep birds out.

– Garlic – plant around the edge of the garden it helps repel japanese beetles.


Robin has planted Italian , Yugoslavian , Musick ,and Susan Delafield (very hot ) garlic .

                                   GARLIC AS A PESTICIDE !

– Wear goggles ,and rubber gloves , this may irritate your skin

– 1 bulb of garlic separated and peeled

– 1 small onion peeled and chopped

– 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper

– 1 quart of water

Put into blender and blend .  After blending mix in one tablespoon of liquid soap ( not detergent ) .  Store in a glass jar with a tight lid and in the fridge.


– Test on a few leaves and leave a couple days to check for adverse effects .  If the leaves look fine sprinkle it around – Do Not Forget !!!    Rubber gloves and goggles !!.