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This page is about Natural and Alternative Health products and issues. Some you will agree with others will cause lots of discussion which is a good thing .

Silver Colloid

Here is another bit of information on Silver Colloid for everyone to think about .

Silver Colloid is being used world wide .  As Robert O. Becker states in his book (page 167) , The Body Electric , ” Of course, the germ-killing action of silver has been known for some time.  The Soviets use silver ions to sterilize recycled water aboard their space stations .  It kills even antibiotic-resistant strains , and also works on fungus infections .” NASA also chose a silver water filter system aboard the space shuttles.  More then half the world’s airlines use silver water filters.”

“The Japanese are really on the forefront of the Silver Colloid  explosion.  Japanese firms use Silver Colloid to purify air , converting carbon monoxide to harmless carbon dioxide .  They also use Silver Colloid , replacing toxic chlorine for scrupulously washing foods , such as raw chicken .  Chlorine has many dangerous side effects , yet is widely accepted and used everywhere.  It is nice to see alternatives are now being considered and used.  Also in Japan,  silver thread is being sewed into clothing to protect from the sun’s ultra-violet rays.  In Israel , bandages of Silver Colloid are used on burn victims because Silver Colloid promotes healing and regeneration.  There is a city in England that uses Silver Colloid to sterilize their city water.”

This information was acquired from   Colloidal Silver News Flash

Again I will stress that if you are allergic to Silver  this is definitely  not the product for you to try .




Silver Colloid Plants & Animals


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” Many testimonials have been shared and documents about the benefits people have found using Silver Colloid for their beloved pets.  Eye infections , cuts , abscesses , stomach ailments , skin rashes,  the list goes on and on .  Silver Colloid has been used to successfully treat cats , dogs, pigs, horses , birds  and every kind of pet.  Because you can simply add the Silver Colloid to their drinking water it is very easy to administer. Animals seem to like it.  You can’t over dose with Silver Colloid, so it takes the worry out of the prescribing.  The usual dose is a teaspoon per average bowl of drinking water. ”

“Gardeners have started using Silver Colloid on their plants.  Good results have been seen with herbs and vegetables , as well as flowers.  Some report larger m more attractive veggies .  It is used on the common plant problems with a high rate of success.It is a good idea to add a spoonful of Silver Colloid to a vase of cut flowers to help the flowers last longer .  It really works !”

The information I have given to you I got from Colloidal Silver News Flash  –

I have also used Silver Colloid on many of my plants very successfully and put it into the vase with my cut flowers . I also grow my own Wheatgrass and use it on my seeds and soil and have had good success in getting a better yield( more ounces of juice per tray).  I do not have pets but have friends who do and have used Silver Colloid successfully on them .



Silver Colloid Calves and Fouls

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For young calves and foals a small amount of Silver Colloid is fed to them twice a day.   This can be put into their water.  The dish must be plastic not metal. Metal will wreck the Silver Colloid.   It fights any type of pathogens that might be in the feed or water.  This gives the young animals a leg up in fighting any kinds of sickness.

If they get the scours it is very good in getting it under control .   With Mastitis the cattle go off their feed and their udders get hard and they have a fever. With the administration of a large amount of Silver Colloid these conditions either did not occur or were not as harsh .  It can also help fix hoof wart by soaking their feet in Silver Colloid water and putting it in their drinking water.  Silver colloid is also beneficial in treating common eye disease like conjunctivitis and chlamydia .  It also helps fight against bacterial ear infection and abscesses , which are common among animals.

These natural remedies are not to take place of a veterinarians  care – it is an alternative to try when you are dealing with these issues and you want to try something different.

This information came from 

We are posting this because we have had farmer friends who have used this product with success.  So again this is a healthy alternative. And general information on a good product that is out there.


Silver Colloid & Birds

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Small birds a few drops of water in their drinking water will be enough and a cap full in their bath water.  Lots of birds , larger ones add more Silver Colloid to the amount of water used .  1 & 1/2 tbsp. to a gallon of water.

Some of the poultry industry is relying on Silver Colloid to keep birds healthy and bacteria free.  Healthy water is essential for robust birds  , and sanitation using Silver Colloid is becoming an alternative to traditional Chemical treatments .  It has become obvious that the water supply had become the reason weak legs have slowed down the chickens feeding as well causing respiratory problems that resulted in high death rates .  Bacteria commonly found in fecal contamination , were eliminated .  In short order , leg strength  returned and respiratory problems were reduced drastically .  The more active chickens increased their intake  of water and food , resulting in an average weight increase over seven pounds .  A pound above previous averages .

Application of Silver Colloid must be applied with a plastic or glass applicator.  Nothing metal .  In water again plastic or glass dishes.

“Pigeon fanciers , many of them reputed experts are reaping the benefits of Silver Colloid , if their enthusiastic reports are anything to go by .  Many claim that their birds are flying faster , have more stamina , and have never been in better racing condition since ingesting regular amounts of Silver Colloid .  Breeding results , it is said have also improved .  Hens seem to be producing more chicks and the chicks are reported to be healthier and hardier in the first few weeks.” This information is from –