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Helpful ideas and how to’s .

How Smart Is This !!

Who Would Have Thought Amazing !!

We have been camping for over fifty years and these tips and trick are fantastic.  We have already started using some of them, and they work.  I never new about some of them but I sure do now.

I’m even telling my kids and friends and they have been trying some  of the ones that they never knew about. That’s why i’m letting you all in on this to.

I think any little bit of information you can get to make your camping trip more comfortable and fun is well worth having . They are not big things just little ideas and shortcuts.

Check them out watch this…

25 Camping Hacks That Are Truly Genius

Video By : list 25

Secrets You Need To Know!

Juicy Little Tidbits Just For You!

Everyone who cans can tell you that any shortcut or even the smallest information on helping in the process is a welcome piece of knowledge.

We are always trying to cut down on the time it takes to can our food no matter what it is.  Because time is something that is precious and we don’t have a lot of with our busy life and schedules. Believe me mine is long and tedious.

So every chance I get to read about tips or tricks in the canning world I take the time and it really does help.

So take the time read these…

6 Secrets of Hot Water Bath Canning You Might Not Know

Fill Jars with the Rings On

This keeps the rims clean while you’re filling the jars, and saves you the hassle of wiping them down later.

Use a Measuring Cup When Filling Jars

This just makes the whole process go more quickly and smoothly.  Easy-peasy. It takes away the guesswork.

Screw Lids down “Fingertip Tight”

Screw the lids down just until you start to feel resistance when you tighten, aka “fingertip tight.” Inevitably, some air bubbles get trapped inside the jars while you’re filling them. If the lids are screwed down too tightly, those air bubbles don’t have a way to escape during the hot water bath and can cause your lids to buckle.

Remove Rings Once Jars Have Sealed

Amazingly, you don’t need the rings once the jars have sealed. The lids are so firmly sealed around the rim of the jar that you can literally lift them into the air by the lid alone! Removing the unnecessary rings frees them up for other canning projects.

The Bounce Test for Gauging Pectin

It’s hard to know how much pectin a fruit contains, and therefore, how much you might need to add to get a jam to set properly. Here’s where the bounce test comes in. Fruits that are high in natural pectin will have a more rigid cell structure and tend to bounce when you drop them onto a table, like blueberries and blackberries. Fruits that are lower in pectin tend to smoosh, like strawberries.

Label Jars with the Batch Number

Not only does this help keep your pantry organized, but if there’s a problem — or unexpected success! — with one jar, you know which other jars you need to check.

Article by: the kitchn

To read full article and see photo’s click here

Quick , Simple & Tasty !

Time Saving Canning Experience !

Yes , I have canned beans and I have soaked them. And it took overnight and the next day to finish . Now I think it was a day wasted.

I was looking for a new and simpler way and happened across this method.

I have been doing this method that I found and am very happy with it. It freed up a lot of time . And the beans were just as good if not better.

So anyone who is doing the soaking give this a try it may work for you like it did for me.

Happy canning

Check this out…

Off Grid Living: Pressure Canning Beans~ NO SOAK METHOD!

Video by: Starry Hilder

Works Like Magic !

Make Your Own Stove !

Have you ever been hiking or biking  in the mountains  on a cold and  rainy day and wishing that you had something hot to drink . It can also be used a a heat source if need be.  You can cook a full meal on it also.

This is something that you can make yourself with very little time or effort.

It is light and easy to carry , you can put it into your pack on your bike or back. Environmentally friendly , economical and safe to use.

There is something we have found that can make this happen for you.

You have to watch this its awesome…

The Original (Viral) Beer Can Stove How-To Video

Video by Tom’s Bike Trip

Pesky Animals or Bug’s ?

I just heard about these little helpful  hints  that I want to share with everyone .

This is for anyone that has pesky animals or pesky bugs .

If you have a cat that is constantly  in your garden area either digging or doing its business.  This little recipe is supposed to stop that .          You take a  spray bottle and combine in hot water cinnamon and rosemary powder . Shake , let it dissolve and spray around your garden area .  We shall say “Cat be Gone.” They do not like this.

This one is for Dogs , they to can be pesky critters.  Take an orange and peel off the skin . Take the skin and put it into warm water and let it soak for about three days.  Put the water into a spray bottle and spray the area that the dogs have been getting into . Gone!

For Deer .  We have had deer in our yard and they just love all our green bushes .  So you take strong smelling soap and hang it around the trees and bushes that you want them to stay away from. They do not like the smell. Make sure it  is a non-friendly smelling soap.

I already put a pesky bug one on my recipe section but this is another one that is quite useful sounding . Again with the spray bottle put an aspirin into it, fill with water , let dissolve and spray on your plants . Aphids do not like this.

These are handy little hints that I have come across hopefully they will help you with any of your pesky issues.

Have a great day ! Talk soon