Coffee Perked or Portioned ?



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This information is not a recipe but it is hopefully a good thing . Just an observation and opinion about something we should all be concerned about.  I was watching the news ,and a statistic came up about the little plastic coffee containers that are used in the one cup machines .  They said in one year the people around the world use enough to circle the equator ten times.  That is a lot of garbage and they had better find a different way .  There is a secondary use them , some can at least be used another time but not for all of them, there is just to many .

It is for the gardening sector if you save them put the coffee grounds into composting, and then the container can be filled with good soil and you can put your starter seeds in them for your spring and summer planting.  Everyone  buys little containers to start their plants this is just a way to at least use the cups  for a second time .  And there is already a hole in the bottom for drainage.  They will eventually go into the land fill , but you will have used them in place of other plastic containers .

They are already using a more biodegradable product for water bottles made from a corn product , they supposedly  break down after six months .  That could be one possibility , but I am not a scientist just a concerned citizen of the world.

I personally still use the old fashioned way of making coffee .  I perk my coffee in an good old fashioned coffee pot. I get it ready in the evening for morning , when I get up I turn it on and go get ready for my day.  It takes about ten minutes to finish once its boiling .  So about twenty minutes for a pot.  You will have enough for two cups plus your to go cup when its off to work .

The coffee grounds either go into the compost or garbage recycle area. There is  nothing that will not break down and go into the earth.   So maybe they should make the cups out of biodegradable material from the start and we wouldn’t have to worry about them going into the land fill.