Fall Bulb Planting !

Great Tips For Planting !

Planting flower bulbs is fast and easy just a few things that you need to prepare.

Make sure when you get your bulbs that you keep the labels with each set of bulbs so you don’t get the kinds mixed up when you go to plant.  Make a easy plan for your garden , put the taller plants toward the back or in the centre of a circle so that all the plants are visual ,you can plant early medium and late bloomers so that you have flowers all the time in every area. Prepare the soil according to the instructions. Have your digging tools and you will be ready to go.

Put mulch on the bulbs if you are in a colder area and you are good to go for spring.

Happy Planting…


This is a real good video check it out…

Episode 26 Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs

Video by : BotanusTV