Fossilized Clam Shell’s


How they were found was when my daughter was working in the forest industry.  She was a forest technician working out of Vanderhoof . The company she was working for was laying out logging blocks in North eastern B.C. getting them ready to be logged.

The bush was covered in fallen logs and shintangle so it was hard getting through the bush , there was a lot of falling down and a lot of talking out loud if you know what I mean.  The one time she fell and was talking a blue streak she looked up and there before her was a whole area of fossils laying all over the ground.  Needless to say she forgot all about falling on her face and became very excited .She was a ways away from her truck but she managed to pack as much as she could haul in her backpack.

This was a few years ago but we now have decided to go back and see if we can get some more and look to see if there are different kinds of fossils other then the clam shells.  She is going to get the coordinance’s from her old boss and then we are off on a fossil hunt to see if we can relocate  them .

When you see where these fossils are located you begin to wonder what the world looked like when they were under the ocean.  Some of the fossils are on top of mountains absolutely  amazing .

It will be this summer before we can go back , a little snow is probably   still there . I will let you all know what we find later on either in the summer or the fall .  Wish us luck !!