Cutting And Serving Pineapple!

How Many Ways To Cut A Pineapple, Do You Know?

Want to learn how to cut a pineapple in some really neat ways?  You can learn and practice.  When you have company for dinner you can make a nice fancy dessert with this delicious fruit.

I always buy mine fresh and cut it. Never have designed it, usually just peel and cut.  But these are some real simple ways to make a nice job of displaying .

You would have to have a couple tools to accomplish the way he has cut up his fruit. You could make some real nice fruit salads if you mix up some more fruit with it.  Using the outside of the pineapple as a fancy bowl.

I have seen it cut up into some real fancy food art but that is way above anything I could do.  But this is something doable.




4 Ways How To Cut And Serve Pineapple

Video by fixitsamo

Butter – The Five Tip’s!

Butter – Find Out The Great Things You Can Do With It!

This shows you how to make butter yourself. Great idea if you have the cream in the fridge and don’t know what to do with it.

There is nothing better then fresh butter. You can leave it as it is made or you can add a little salt.

When we used to buy fresh cows milk, I used to make my own butter all the time.  That is pretty much what we were raised on.

While you have it fresh in the container you can make flavoured butter to use on all kinds of dishes.  There are garlic butters, spiced butters any spice that you are particular to, you can use to flavour your butter.




It’s kind of a neat idea making a candle out of it, but its a good thing to know if you need it at some point in your life.

You can use it to baste your fish or steak it brings out some great flavours.

You may find that it is not the same colour as bought, but that is normal. Mine was never the same colour.

Making your own also lets you know what is in it.  You have control over the additives. And as you will see you do not need a fancy machine to get it done.

Hope you enjoy this short video on different ways you can make and use butter.


5 Butter Life Hacks – Complation

Video by: CrazyRussianHacker

Video-Lose 27 pounds in 1 Month!

This Will Show You Great Recipes To Help The Weight Loss Cause!

Everyone of these recipes are so easy and they look delicious.  The ie cream one is so simple its silly.  And I think the flavour would be incredible.  You can use any fruit that you like to do this with.

I have made my own ice cream before but never like this, so I am going to try it for dessert today.  We are eating low carb foods and this will work fine for that.  Fruit is good carbs so it will be a great dessert.

I also use a natural sugar derived from birch trees so adding a little sweetener if needed would be just fine.  I have also made my own vanilla and its just about ready.  It needs to sit for at least another month then it should be ready to use.  I have a great recipe for that which I shall put up when it gets done and bottled in pretty bottles.



LOSE WEIGHT & GET FIT | Healthy Snack Ideas 2015 | Ice Cream Recipe!

Video by: BabamitsANNE

Video-Canning Budget Bacon!

Help Your Food Budget By Canning  Bacon Bits And Pieces!

By the looks of the bacon in the boxes it is just as good as the regularlity packed bacon just not conformed to all the sizes that are in the more expensive packages.  So canning the bits and pieces can be used for regular frying plus in lots of other dishes that you can make.

Such as baked beans, bacon and egg dishes.  There are multiple dishes that the canned bacon would come in handy for.

 You will have this canning for an emergency, in case of power outages or other natural mishaps that can occur.

Also you will have total control over the food that your family is eating.  No additives unless you put them in yourself.

This way of buying bacon is also good for anyone who is one a fixed income or a family on a very tight budget. Anyone can benefit from buying their bacon in this form. The savings are incredible.

The bacon bits and pieces may not be in the normal bacon area of your Super Market but if you ask the clerks should be able to steer you in the right direction. I know at my store it is in the freezer section.




Pressure Canning Bacon Bits and Pieces

This is a great way to add meat to your food supply in your pantry.

Video by: BexarPrepper

Video- Homemade Ketchup!

Grama’s Catsup Recipe!

Make your own ketchup , why not you can control the amount of sugar or you can use a good sugar substitute and you and your kids can eat as much as you like.

I use a real good sugar substitute in my foods. It is derived from the birch tree it is called Xylitol .  Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar with fewer calories.  But there are other sweeteners out there with no calories so it is all about personal choices.




How I make and preserve CATSUP.

Video by: Yankee Self-Sufficiency

5 Meals Under $5.00

How To Make 5 Meals For Under Five Dollars! Can You Do It?

With the cost of everything now and it is supposed to get worse every little tip or hint to make good cheap meals is right up my alley.

I think everyone could use some ideas to help with their ever bulging  budget.

So lets see what they have in store for us.

ameal2 ameal3 ameal4 ameal5

5 MEALS UNDER 5 BUCKS. (not McDonalds)

Watching this has made me hungry. I think its time for a snack.

Video by: Yankee Self-Sufficiency

Video- Dehydrating !

Learning How To Dehydrate Oranges, Lemons And Onions!

Wash, slice and dry.  Sound simple and easy ?  It is , I love dehydrating.  I have about six trays and have dried all different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

I like doing green, red and yellow pepper then I have then right at my finger tips when I am making soups and stews.  I make a lot of them in the winter.

The fruit I like then I make my own trail mix and add some of the dried fruits.  Making your own is much cheaper then buying it.  When we go camping it comes along and is great for a snack if you are out fishing or just hiking.

I have even made my own Jerky with my dehydrator.



Dehydrating Oranges and Onions

You can dehydrate just about anything.

Video by : BexarPrepper

Simple laundry Soap!

This Is A Very Simple And Easy Laundry Soap To Make!   And Very Budget Friendly!

If I can make this you can make it.  And I did and it works.  I had heard about it from a friend and so decided to make my own and save some money on soap.

You will need a large pot to cook the ingredients in and a large pail with a lid to store it in.

My friend gave me the recipe but here it is with an explanation of all the things you need and how to cook it.

I found this on line and its just about exactly what I use.


You will need 1 cup of washing soda

1/2 cup borax

1 bar of soap

and approximately 3 gallons of water.



You’ll also need a container of some sort to store this in (I use a five gallon bucket with a lid), something to stir it (I use a large wooden spoon), another pot to boil soapy water in (I use the pot in the picture), and something to cut up the soap (I use the box grater in the picture).

First thing, put about four cups of water into the pan and put it on the stove on high until it’s at boiling, then lower the heat until it’s simmering.

While it’s heating up, take a bar of soap and cut it up into little bits. I found a lot of success using our box grater, which resulted in a ton of little soap curls.

When the water is boiling, start throwing in the soap. I recommend just doing a bit at a time, then stirring it until it’s dissolved. Here, I made the mistake of just tossing in all of the soap at once, which wasn’t particularly helpful:

Stir the soapy water with a spoon until all of the soap is dissolved. Eventually, the water will take on the color of the soap you added, albeit paler. I used Pure & Natural soap for this, which was a white soap that looked a lot like a bar of Ivory.

In the end, you’ll have some very warm soap soup:

Next, get out your large container and add three gallons of warm tap water to it. I’m using a bright orange five gallon bucket that I had lying around:

To this bucket add a cup of the washing soda and the soap solution you made and stir. The borax is optional – some people say that it’s too harsh, but I’ve always found that it did a good job getting clothes clean and fresh smelling, so I recommend adding a half cup of borax to the mix.

After stirring, you’ll have a bucket full of vaguely soapy water:

Don’t worry if your batch doesn’t match the color of my own – it varies depending on what kind of soap you use. I made a batch with Lever 2000 in the past and it had a greenish tint to it, and I’ve heard reports of all kinds of different colors from other people who have tried this.

At this point, let the soap sit for 24 hours, preferably with a lid on it. I just took our bucket to the laundry room.

When you take off the lid, you’ll find any number of things, depending on the type of soap you used and the water you used. It might be firm, like Jello; it might be very watery; it might even be like liquid laundry detergent. Just stir it up a bit and it’s ready to be used.

Just use a measuring cup and use one cup of the detergent per load of laundry. If it’s got “globs” in it, get a mix of the water and of the globs – it’ll break up very quickly in the washing machine and wash your clothes well. If you’re still concerned, you can mash up the globs quite easily, but I saw no reason to do so.

To read the full article click on this link

Article and photo’s by:The Simple Dollar

Video- Storing food For Hard Times!

How To Prepare and Store Food For When Hard Times Hit!

This information is for people who are interested in becoming more self sufficient in this day and age.

It is a beginners video if you have never done this, the information will give you a good idea where and how to start.

Pantry and canning supplies are important.  You need a good storage area and it has to be a good temperature and humidity.

I used to have at least six months of food stored in one manner or another at all times. People used to tease me about it but we never went hungry.

My husband worked in a seasonal profession and was down for at least three months out of the year. One and half months in the spring and one and a half months in the fall. So I had to make sure we had all the necessary foods to get us through the lean times.

There is nothing wrong with being prepared you will thanks yourself and so will others.



How To Prepare For Hard Times Where To Buy Food For Long Term Storage

Video by: Wranglerstar

Video- The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets!

You Have To Check These Gadgets Out They Are Fantastic!

I really like each one of these gadgets they will definitely help in any kitchen situation.

They are all more on the modern side. Different kinds of inventions but are real good ideas.

Some they are old and made much better new, redesigning and modernizing . Wouldn’t it be nice to cook the perfect egg. Or scoop the perfect scoop of ice cream.




Everyone would like to have cooking and prepping made easier and these gadgets will definitely do the trick.

Check them out…

10 Cool Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs

Video by: Chop Busters

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