Video- Dehydrating !

Learning How To Dehydrate Oranges, Lemons And Onions!

Wash, slice and dry.  Sound simple and easy ?  It is , I love dehydrating.  I have about six trays and have dried all different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

I like doing green, red and yellow pepper then I have then right at my finger tips when I am making soups and stews.  I make a lot of them in the winter.

The fruit I like then I make my own trail mix and add some of the dried fruits.  Making your own is much cheaper then buying it.  When we go camping it comes along and is great for a snack if you are out fishing or just hiking.

I have even made my own Jerky with my dehydrator.



Dehydrating Oranges and Onions

You can dehydrate just about anything.

Video by : BexarPrepper