Christmas Is Coming People!

My Favorite Time Of The Year, Christmas!!

I love this time of the year.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I start my shopping list in September and through the months I pick up things and stash them like a squirrel.  I have great fun bringing everything out and laying it all over my bed and sorting to see where everything goes.

I have huge stocking’s for my grandkids and have a blast filling them. I get laughed at a lot, but that’s okay I don’t mind a bit.

Wrapping is the fun part I enjoy every part of it, and take pride in what it looks like.

 This weekend the house decorating is going to start.  My granddaughter is coming for the night and is going to help. She is so excited telling everyone. Lol!

Christmas decorating

Here are some of what I am getting them for Christmas, great idea’s for everyone!

They love to read so I got them books, Ripley’s Believe it or Not! 

They take lots of time to read it.  It is full of interesting tidbits.

Another great reading book I got for them was Guinness World Records 2017

I try to get useful and educational items for them, making sure they are fun and interactive.  Try to stay away from all electronics they get enough of that all year long.  Believe it or not they like the hands on games and books.

I also got them an old fashioned game for them to play when they are together.  We used to play pick up Jax’s when we were young so as a retro idea for Christmas Eve I got all the Grandkids sets of Jax’s.

Played Jax’s by the hour’s with my friends got pretty good at it. So I may even we playing with them brings back memories.

Don’t now anyone who wouldn’t like these things for Christmas, great fun both playing games and reading.  They read all these interesting facts out load for all of us to hear and it makes for a great together time.  Which seems to be in short supply with all the electronics today.



Halloween Is Coming So Are Pumpkins!

Everyone Likes To Carve Pumpkins ! Here Are Some Great Idea’s!!

Every Halloween we carved pumpkins!  Had so much fun.  We lived in the country so we never had any trick or treater’s come to the door so we had to make our own fun.  Everyone had their own pumpkin to carve and their imagination could get a little wild.

Ours looked more like this:

carved pumpkins

Just plain and simple and even smiling but toothless. Lol!

Some of the idea’s that they have today are so different then what we had.  The tools they use are way better then anything we used.  With us it was a knife and a spoon and our imagination.  Today they use all different kinds of tools even electric ones. And it makes for some very funky pumpkins.

My daughter and grandson’s get really creative and do some fantastic looking pumpkins.  She is very gifted in the art department and can do all different kinds of things that her imagination stretches to.

Then the aftermath once Halloween is over take your pumpkin and cook them into the most wonderful dishes. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin cakes Yummy!

Carving A pumpkin

carving pumpkins

drilling pumpkins

Continue on to the video to see how he is making some really neat creations.

How to Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Video by: DaveHax


Watermelon Dessert!

Cool Looking Watermelon Dessert For The Summer!

Most of us love watermelon this just takes it to another level.  Don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want a piece of this delicious dessert.

This would be a great dessert to make for any occasion.  Especially if you were having an outside BBQ .  It would finish off the meal in a fantastic way.

Having a kids party it would fit right in the kids would get a kick out of eating it. Add a little whipped cream and it would finish it off in a great way.  Nothing better then fresh whipped cream on top of anything.

And don’t forget the little bit of chocolate on top we all need out chocolate fix.

On top of everything it is easy and simple to make, anyone can do this and make it look like it was done professionally.  She explains everything so it is easy to understand and follow.

So next time you are trying to decide what to make for a dessert check this one out and give it a try I’m sure it will be a hit.

a watermelon dessert

a watermelon dessert ingredients

a watermelon dessert

preparing a watermelon dessert

preparing the chocolate seeds for the watermelon dessert

Great dessert to make for the kids any time of the year.  It is yummy!

SUMMER WATERMELON DESSERT How To Cook That Ann Reardon Watermelon Week

Video by: How To Cook That

Roasted Pork In Parchment!

Eating Succulent Pork !

We eat a lot of pork , more  then any other meat.  So finding another way to cook it and make it delicious and moist is something that I am always looking for.

I swear by parchment paper for all kinds of cooking so I have a ready supply of it always.

With this recipe for you can add any spices that you like.  It doesn’t have to be specific just what ever your family likes to eat.

This is one of the most simple ways that I have seen to cook a roast.  Totally hands off, once you have seasoned and wrapped it up walk away for 12 hours.

It will give you time to make homemade hamburger buns to use for  sandwiches for the next day.  Nothing better then homemade bread.

This meal would be good for  a great Sunday brunch, with lots of left overs for later on through the day.  Everyone wants to be relaxed and lazy for their day off.

So hopefully if you do this recipe it will be one of your favorite meals.

a pork roast

wrapping a pork roast

wrapping a pork roast in time foil

getting ready to cook a pork roast

Check out this delicious way to cook a roast.

Paper Pork – Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder Cooked in Parchment – Pulled Pork Recipe

Video by: Food Wishes

Stew Cooked Over The Fire!

Nothing Better Then A Great Slow Cooked Stew!

Cooking stew over the fire is easy and the flavours are incredible.  As I always say nothing better then cooking and eating food outside.  I think you are hungry in a different way when you are outside and the air just makes everything better.

You can make this stew even if you are back packing into the backcountry.  All the spices, vegetables and mixes are dried.  YOu can even take dried meats that are available or you can dry your own.  So in the end all you need is water.

There are tons of dried foods that you can access it doesn’t even have to be from a specialty store.  The bulk food section of your local store usually has a huge selection.

When you do your packing to get ready just take enough for each meal that you have planned to prepare.  Everyone who back packs, the weight is the most important part so you have to be very conscious on what you take and how much.

So check out this video and you will get a great lesson in cooking a great meal over an outside fire.

stew in a pot over the fire

stew with a lid on the pot

making corn bread for the stew

putting corn bread in the cooker to cook for the stew

cornbread cooking getting ready to eat stew

Hobo Stew and Corn Bread

Video by: wildernessoutfitters

Baked Bacon Done Perfect!

Making The Best BLT Sandwich With Perfect Baked Bacon!

We eat baked Bacon, Tomato and Lettuce sandwiches on a regular basis and have started to make them with baked bacon.  What a difference.  I like the taste of baked bacon much better then fried.

And health wise it is probably much better for you, getting rid of all the fat that it would otherwise sit in.

It takes longer to cook it, frying is a quicker method but you will not be sorry that you baked it.  The time is well worth it.

You can use this for any bacon dish, breakfast, lunch or supper. We started doing it this way for our breakfasts because we had so many people in the house that I figured it would get more cooked faster.  So starting to bake it was quite by accident.  Now I wouldn’t cook it any other way.

Another plus is not grease splattering everywhere.  Much easier clean up.  Tin foil into garbage and whip out the pan for excess fat, wash in soapy water and its all good.

This bacon would work well on all sorts of sandwiches and burgers because it is totally flat no curls or odd shapes.

baked bacon

bacon on a tray to be baked

baked bacon

Baking Bacon for Perfect BLTs! How to Bake Bacon for Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwiches

Food Wishes

Eating Vegan !!

What A Vegan Person Can Eat In A Day!!

Very interesting the different way of cooking for eating vegan.  They really look good.  Just a matter of cooking in a whole new way.

Watched a show the other day and they were cooking a burger vegan style. It was a mushroom for the patty and grilled vegetables with all kinds of good sauces.  It looked so good.

With all the different food choices that you can buy today it would be easy to get all the daily nutrients that you need in your day.

Some of the health benefits :

  • Eating nuts and whole grains, while eliminating dairy and meat will improve your cardiovascular health.
  • British study found that a vegetable diet reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
  • Vegan diets go far in helping to prevent heart attacks and stroke.
  • Eliminating any food that comes from an animal eliminates all dietary cholesterol.
  • Studies show that eating vegetables lowers your rate for prostrate, colon and breast cancer.
  • It has been proven to improve your health for people suffering from arthritis.
  • With a healthy vegan diet it can almost eliminate Osteoporosis.

So there are definitely advantages to changing your diet.


vegan porridge

vegan snack

vegan lunch

Check out her full day of eating…

What I Ate Today [VEGAN]

Video by Kalel

Homemade Weed killer!

How To Make Your Own Weed Killer Cheap And Effective !

Making your own weed killer that will do the job and not hurt the earth.  All out of natural products, kills only what you aim it at.  So you can do a selective process.

Not only is it safe but it is so inexpensive which everyone will like you have to watch that budget you know.

When you look at it weeds are just plants that you would rather not have.  A lot of them have some good qualities. They have health properties that you can take advantage of if you so choose. So killing them the natural way helps protect the area around them and in the long run the earth.

You do however even if it is non-toxic have to be careful with you use of it. To much can do more harm then good.

I now most people do not like dandelions but they have amazing uses.  The new leaves can be put into salads. The flowers are edible and the roots can be dried, ground up and used like a coffee.  I have tried the coffee and it is quite good.  Dandelion can also be bought as a cleanse.

So check out your weeds you may find a use for them.

preparing weed killer

preparing weed killer

preparing weed killer

POWERFUL HOMEMADE VEGETATION KILLER See it work.BEST & cheapest yet! Less than 50¢ per gallon!

Video by: ETprepper

Saskatoon Berries Are On Their Way!!

Bumper Crop Of Saskatoon Berries Coming Soon!

We are going to have thousands of Saskatoon berries in our area.  It is crazy how many are coming.  Visions of pies , jams and jelly’s are circling around my head.  Yummy!!

Some of the Saskatoon bushes are like trees they are around eight to ten feet tall, and just loaded. Not counting all the other smaller bushes.  Our whole road in the rural area where we live is lined with them.

You do have to be careful though when they are ready we also get visitors such as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and their baby bears.  We therefore make quite a bit of noise as we pick.

Most the time we never have any trouble they are only interested in the berries but we give them a very wide berth.  Never argue with a bear!

Saskatoon berries on a bush

a bowl of Saskatoon berries

A little trivia about Saskatoon’s:

  • Native to North America from Alaska across most of Western Canada and into the western and north-central United States.
  • Original called the Pigeon berry
  • It grows at sea level in the north of the range , up to 2600 metres or 8530 feet.
  • It is a common shrub in the forest understory
  • The name “Saskatoon” derives from the Cree Native’s.  The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of Canada is named after the berry.

Saskatoon berries contain significant amounts of total dietary fiber, vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and biotin, and the essential minerals, iron and manganese, a nutrient profile similar to the content of blueberries.

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