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Homemade Salad Dressing’s!!

Make Your Own Dressing’s Made Easy And Simple!

Nothing better then making your own dressing’s for your salads or sandwiches.  I have one that I make all the time and simple love.  We put it on our burgers to.  Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

I have a recipe that I am going to be doing next week.  Last fall I picked wild high bush cranberries and they have been patiently waiting for me to make my jelly with the juice I then take the pulp, remove all the seeds they have a single seed in them. After that I make cranberry ketchup it is incredible.  I am going to take pictures and will up date the results with a blog and the recipe. There is nothing like it that I have ever tasted.

There are so many great dressing recipes out there here are just five of the hundred.  All made in minutes with simple great ingredients most of us have in the fridge.

My husband just loves Balsamic vinegar so I may have to try one of the recipes here that she has with Balsamic. He even runs his meat through the excess that is left after he has eaten his salad.

salad dressing

salad dressing

salad dressing


5 Homemade Salad Dressings | Collab with Entertaining with Beth

Video by: The Domestic Geek

Canning Pie Filling!!

Canning Strawberry Rhubard Pie Filling!!

Canning your pie filling makes for some mighty darn fine pies when the winter sets in.  The fresh taste is captured in the process so all the flavours will be there.  Close your eyes as you eat and summer is there.

With the price of pie fillings it is also a great way to save money by doing your own.  If you don’t have the fruit in your yard you can buy the in season fruit and do it that way.  I have my own strawberry patch coming and a huge amount of rhubarb in my yard.  My raspberry patch is just dripping with soon to be raspberries, I can hardly wait.

Make sure you get all your canning supplies ready before you start to make sure that you have everything that you need.  Nothing worse then getting half way through and have to  stop and go get something.

Get all your fruit ready and you are ready to go.

canning pie filling

canning pie filling

~Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling With Linda’s pantry~

Make sure that you date all your jars when you are done so that you know how long to keep them in your storage pantry.

Video by: Linda’s Pantry

Canning Water Go Figure!!

Canning water who would have thought that there was a need.  But there is and it is a very good idea.  You do not need a lot but some if a very smart idea for emergency.  It last for a very long time.

It is a very simple process and takes very little time.  No real prep work because is no cutting, dicing and slicing.

Also in most cases if you loose your power you loose your water supply so it may sound a little silly but if you think about it it’s not a bad idea for emergencies.

Almost everyone have jars sitting around collecting dust and other unwanted critters. Wash them fill them with water can them and you have a safe supply of water.

Lots of times I don’t have enough jars to fill either my water bath or canner so why not fill the vacant hole with a jar of water.

Just make sure that you date them like you would anything that you can so that you can rotate the dates of use.

canning water

Canning Water

You can use any size of jars that you have that are empty.  She just happened to have half gallon ones sitting around.

Video by: 2leelou Preserves

Canning Jam Made Simple!

Canning Jam With No Pectin !

Canning jam the easy way.  Three ingredients is all it takes to make lovely yummy jam.  I have never put pectin in any of my jams I let nature take its course.

We also do not like our jam real sweet so I always cut back on the amount of sugar that I use.  We like it tarty and the real fruity flavour.

I have never made jam with the fruit that this lady is using.  It is not a real abundant fruit in our area it is like a specialty fruit and real expensive. What we do use is strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and lots of wild berries like Saskatoon’s and Huckleberries. We have other wild berries but they are not as readily picked as the others. I have never found the need for adding pectin.

Doing it this way is one of the simplest methods for getting your fruit looked after and stored for the winter months.

Another thing I really like is the no fuss way she explains all the different steps you have to take.  Straight and to the point.

canning jam

canning jam

canning pot

preparing fruit for canning


Canning Fruit by Making Jam at Home. No Pectin. Simple Recipe.

Video by: Adeldor DIY

Easter Is Coming!

Here Is A Great Recipe For Easter!

This is a great project to do with your kids . They would have a fantastic time doing their own eggs.

I always did things special for the holiday and this is something if my children were younger that I would do.  It is neat that you can fill them full of surprises.

You will need a mold but there are lots of places where you can pick them up at.  We have a craft store and it has every kind of mold going. The bulk food place has every color and flavor of chocolate you can imagine so it should be easy to get the right supplies. And all the different kinds of candies imaginable.  I think you would have trouble deciding there are so many varieties.

So I hope everyone has a great Holiday and eats a ton of chocolates. Lol…




Amazing Easter Eggs How To Cook That Ann Reardon Easter 2016

Video by: How To Cook That

Growing Potatoes In A Box!

Do You Know How To Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In A Box

Well I am going to let you in on this secret. I have been looking at the different ways and I like this one that I have found.

The reason being that I am looking for a way to grow a lot of potatoes in a small area, and in a container that I can work on.  With my heath issues kneeling is almost impossible for me.  So all my gardening has to be up where I can get at it.

Potatoes like a slightly acidic soil low-pH around 5.0 provides good control of common scab.

Fertilizer you can use to get a excellent crop is an all-purpose 5-5-5 organic brand.

You plant in one bottom layer, boarding up the sides of each layer and adding dirt as you go higher (you wait until the plants have grown a bit before adding a new layer). While new potatoes are growing in the top layers, remove the boards from the first layer at the bottom to carefully dig out any that are ready for harvesting. Fill the dirt back in and board up the box again. You move up the layers and harvest as they are ready. I imagine the new potatoes in the first couple bottom layers would be somewhat awkward to get at but as you move higher–not so bad.


Plans from: Tipnut – Click here for full article


They say that you can harvest as you go along but I’m not sure I would do that with ours because our climate is cooler and we really only get one real good harvest a year with root crops.  So I think it would be a call you would make according to the weather in your area.

There are only two of us so I am sure one box will do us just fine. To bad it wouldn’t work with carrots. I will figure something out.

If we grew a lot of our vegetables in these up right ob ideas we could have quite the crop for our winters harvest.

This will also work real well if you have very limited space like a balcony even you would just need a tray to set it in and the first layer would have more dirt. or you could even us a garbage can and layer it as it grew and do the one time digging like we are going to do.  All kinds of ideas.

Happy Planting!!

Tomatoes Growing them In A Greenhouse!

Learning How To Grow Greenhouse Tomatoes!

This shows you all the little things that you have to do to have a great crop of tomatoes from your plants.

Shows you which suckers to take off and when which is a great thing to know when you are just starting out.

I made sure that I had good soil in my greenhouse and that I had the right fertilizer for tomatoes and when to fertilize.  My plants were very healthy and produced a lot of tomatoes last year.  I am going to work a little harder at it this year and see if I can double my crop.

I have only started gardening seriously so I still have a lot to learn. I enjoy it though and am looking forward to learning more.



The tips and advice that he gives you is well worth the time it will take to listen to his video.  I know I have learnt a few things and am going to apply them this year when it comes time to plant.

How to Grow Greenhouse Tomato Plants

Video by: CaliforniaGardener

Growing Lots of Cucumbers!

How To Grow and Care For Cucumbers and Get A Great Crop!

Last year I had the healthiest cucumber plants but I lost a lot because I didn’t get the flowers pollinated in time.  So this year I know better and will definitely get things right.

So I thought I would take a look at some videos by gardeners on growing them and amazingly enough I believe I have solved my problem.

I am going to be growing tomatoes and cucumbers.  My tomatoes did great so I think I have that going for me.

I had a couple squash plants and I believe the same issue was wrong with them as with my cucumbers I only got a few the rest were no pollinated and shriveled up and died. So I know now how to fix that but not sure if I will grow them again.  Have to see.



If they are not pollinated this is what they will look like.  So if you have them in your green house and they are not producing then you have to pollinate them because there is not enough bees to do the job.

How to Grow and Pollinate Greenhouse Cucumbers

I hope this short video answers some of your questions that you may have been wondering about.  Experienced gardeners will know this but beginners need to know some  of the pitfalls.

Video by: CaliforniaGardener

Canning Fish!

Canning My Summer’s Fish!

Thought I had better can my fish from this summer.  Don’t want to get it freezer burnt.

This is just a little bit of what I need to do. But it is fun.  My husband and I did it together.  He catches and I do the canning usually.

I add a little bit of salt to each jar and the fish, lid them and pressure cook them for 90 minutes.

We got almost twenty jars when we were done, so that will do us for a while.  Don’t have to buy fish for sandwiches or soups.

Can’t wait for summer and fishing season to start again going to can more this year.

Next project wild cranberry jelly and ketchup it is the best.  I picked about two gallons this past fall time to get them in a jar.






Valentine Makeup!

Getting Ready For Valentines Day Fun!

Whether you are going on a first date or out with your long time sweetheart.  Looking special is on your mind.

Your makeup is one of the first things on your mind after, what should I wear?

So here are some suggestions that you can take and either use or modify for yourself. Making it fit the clothes that you are wearing.

Valentines day is a special day for most of us and have fun dressing up and going out with our special someone.

Sometimes its even just going out with a bunch of your real good friends.

If you can’t afford the lashes or put them on properly don’t worry use your mascara to the best of your lash potential it will look just fine.

There is another option they have people who can put lashes on you and they last up to a month.  It is a little more costly but they last for a long time.  So it is all in what you want and can afford.

Your extra special person will love you anyway.  So have a wonderful Valentines Day.



2 Valentine’s Day Makeup LOOKS | Carli Bybel

Video by: Carli Bybel