Budget Saving Idea !

Simply By Canning Your Own Meat !


Canning corned beef is a great way to preserve your meat and have it for  year around meals. It easy to do if you buy the corned beef already done. You can corn your own beef but it is a fairly long process, but delicious .

I have done some and the flavour is wonderful. I did not make enough to can we just ate it when it was done fresh.

What is corned beef you may ask – It comes from putting your meat into a large crock or as I did a plastic bag and plastic container. covered in large rock kernels of corn referred to as “corns of salt”. This will preserve the meat. When I did mine I added some other spices with it to add to the flavour and I used Kosher salt. I put it into a cold storage area refrigerator works great if you have the room and left it for 14 days checking it periodically.

There is a lot of history to corned beef it was started many years ago as a way of preserving meat when there was no modern refrigeration.

Here is a real simple and easy way of canning your own corned beef…

Pressure Canning Corned Beef

Video by : Noreen’s Kitchen