Canning Pie Filling!!

Canning Strawberry Rhubard Pie Filling!!

Canning your pie filling makes for some mighty darn fine pies when the winter sets in.  The fresh taste is captured in the process so all the flavours will be there.  Close your eyes as you eat and summer is there.

With the price of pie fillings it is also a great way to save money by doing your own.  If you don’t have the fruit in your yard you can buy the in season fruit and do it that way.  I have my own strawberry patch coming and a huge amount of rhubarb in my yard.  My raspberry patch is just dripping with soon to be raspberries, I can hardly wait.

Make sure you get all your canning supplies ready before you start to make sure that you have everything that you need.  Nothing worse then getting half way through and have to  stop and go get something.

Get all your fruit ready and you are ready to go.

canning pie filling

canning pie filling

~Canning Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Filling With Linda’s pantry~

Make sure that you date all your jars when you are done so that you know how long to keep them in your storage pantry.

Video by: Linda’s Pantry