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This tells about our Recipes and other aspects of our interest in our lives

About Us


 HERE IS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US AND                                          OURS !

Well I grew up in Vanderhoof ,B.C. Canada .  My Great Uncle moved here in 1917 .  My grandparents moved her in 1926 right after they got married.  My father and my Aunt we born . My Father stayed in Vanderhoof and ran numerous business my Aunt moved away.  Then my father married and I and my brothers and sister were born.

My husband was born and raised in Antigonish County , N.S. He was raised there with his parents and seventeen brothers and sisters .  Fourteen brothers and three sisters.  He moved to Vanderhoof when he was seventeen , so he has spent more time here then there.

We met in 1971 and were married in 1974.  Had a daughter in 1976 and another daughter in 1979.  My husband work in the forest Industry bucking logs on the landing and falling trees .  It was all done by hand in those days not like now everything is done by machines.  I raised our two children ad kept the home fires burning literally .  We built a log home and wood heat was our main source of heat. So there was a lot of daily chores.

During this time we started on our path of small business entrepreneurs  .  We first  started a lawn furniture business building picnic tables for adults and children, it was moderately successful but don’t quite your day job. LOL  We did that for about three years  then onto a new venture.  My husband became a chimney sweep which is a person who cleans wood burning chimneys.  It was much more successful then the tables .  He would be very busy in the spring and fall .  Which was good because the bush shut down for spring breakup and fall freeze up .  All the while raising our children and doing all the activities children do.

Then we decided to go big or go home .. We sold our house and bought a farm a ways from town and bought an little restaurant   The J & S Drive In  .  Its like the Drive-In on Diners , Drive-in’s & Dives.  It was small and we made everything from scratch . Working long hours meanwhile raising our girls , camping and finding time to have a life.  The girls friends worked there with them and it became a family atmosphere.

My father had a hunting guiding area  way up above the 56 parallel.  We managed to help and holiday up there . That was our happy peaceful place ,and after all these years still is.

After selling our business , girls graduating and moving to our summer cabin.  We started building a permanent home on the north shore of Fraser Lake . That was our next couple of years .  Husband was still working in the forest Industry so it was a slow process. I was having an break from owning a business but had two part time jobs .  We got to the point that we had to drill our well , so we had water for our new place.  When the drillers were drilling I was watching from the window of our new place. All of a sudden they jumped off the drill rig and it started to shake then out came the geyser  it shot 40 to 50 feet into the air .  We had an artesian spring .  We all laughed to bad it wasn’t oil .  So after getting it under control and set up , we had the quantity and quality done on it  .  The quantity was 30 gallons per minute .  The quality was unbelievable and the pH was 8.3  which was crazy good.

So guess what another business was born. All of our friends and family told us we would be crazy not to start a business selling water.  So we started our Water business , the next ten years were crazy busy .  Starting with 0 customers  I walked many miles knocking on doors; businesses , ordinary people and made many phone calls.  We made a very good business with local home clientele and a lot of businesses and large companies with huge crews.

Meanwhile our family was growing , 2 grandsons and one granddaughter were added to our family numbers.

In 2012 we sold our Water bottling business and since have had a two year break.

SO here we are today trying out a new adventure again .  This new adventure is WAY out of our comfort zone , but hopefully with every ones help and support we will find our way and succeed