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Saskatoon Berries Are On Their Way!!

Bumper Crop Of Saskatoon Berries Coming Soon!

We are going to have thousands of Saskatoon berries in our area.  It is crazy how many are coming.  Visions of pies , jams and jelly’s are circling around my head.  Yummy!!

Some of the Saskatoon bushes are like trees they are around eight to ten feet tall, and just loaded. Not counting all the other smaller bushes.  Our whole road in the rural area where we live is lined with them.

You do have to be careful though when they are ready we also get visitors such as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and their baby bears.  We therefore make quite a bit of noise as we pick.

Most the time we never have any trouble they are only interested in the berries but we give them a very wide berth.  Never argue with a bear!

Saskatoon berries on a bush

a bowl of Saskatoon berries

A little trivia about Saskatoon’s:

  • Native to North America from Alaska across most of Western Canada and into the western and north-central United States.
  • Original called the Pigeon berry
  • It grows at sea level in the north of the range , up to 2600 metres or 8530 feet.
  • It is a common shrub in the forest understory
  • The name “Saskatoon” derives from the Cree Native’s.  The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of Canada is named after the berry.

Saskatoon berries contain significant amounts of total dietary fiber, vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and biotin, and the essential minerals, iron and manganese, a nutrient profile similar to the content of blueberries.

Video- Unique And Cool Gadgets

The Coolest Kitchen Gadgets, All Practical And Fun!

Here are some really cool ideas for gifts or just to have in your collection of kitchen gadgets.  Some of them will definitely be conversation pieces.

They are all very usable but all have a unique look to them.  Your kitchen will never look the same, but in a good way.

You can have a lot of fun with these gadgets. Your kids will love to cook when they that these to work with.





54 Coolest Kitchen Gadgets For Food Lovers

Video by: Home Design Ideas 1

Video-WestJet Christmas Miracles!!

Amazing 12,000 Christmas Mini Miracles!!

This is a very inspiring video. It is so wonderful to see people giving back to those who are less fortunate and giving just because they can.

This whole thing makes me smile seeing how happy everyone is and it rebuilds the faith I have in people.  Everyone has a generous spot somewhere in their body.

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas and that your families are all healthy and happy.




Watch this and see how they deliver the 12,000 miracles.

WestJet Christmas Miracle: 12,000 mini miracles


Video-Growing Great Carrots!

How To Grow And Get A Bumper Crop Of Carrots!

This is a fantastic idea to get the best you can out of your growing season. I know this is a little early to be thinking of gardening in my area but it gives me a head start on my plans for next year. Prep work that is the name of the game.

I tried to grow carrots last year but the rain came along and beat them into the ground. So this year I am going to grow them again but like this. I am going to plant less and try to get more for my efforts.

I am kind of a newbie when it comes to growing all different kinds of veggies but an striving to get better and I think this should do the trick.



Four-Day Carrots

Video by: Farmbeet

Video-Gift Wrap For someone Special!

The Many Unique and Different Ways To Gift Wrap For Christmas Or Any Other Occasions!

The ideas for gift wrapping are fun and innovated .  They put your imagination to work and your gift will definitely look different from everyone else’s.

Some of them have reusable wrapping idea’s . With everyone trying to be more conscious of not having so much stuff to throw out these are great idea’s.

One Christmas I bought my girls bathsheet towels and gift wrapped other gifts in them, No wrapping paper!

There are all kinds of ways to gift wrap without causing lots of waste.




Check out the different ways to decorate a gift and make yours unique.

How to Wrap a Present! DIY 8 Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

Video by: SaraBeautyCorner

Video: Backward Trick Shots!

See How Many Backward Trick Shots They Do !

This is a fun video showing all the silly things that people can do with a good amount of precision.

All the fun things your kids try who knows maybe they will get as good as these guys.

The amount of practice they take to perfect these backwards trick shots is amazing, but they look like they are have a great time doing it.

What will they come up with next?




Backwards Edition | Dude Perfect

Check them all out it is fun to watch makes me smile I hope you smile to.

Video by : Dude Perfect

Video-Fancy Dancing!

Bethany And Derek Do The Dancing!!

Thought you might like a little fun. Their dancing is incredible. I have watched most of the seasons but I missed this one.

It is so neat the way they take someone who has very little dance experience and makes them dance amazingly well.

I hope you have fun watching this, its lighthearted and an easy watch.  It made me smile, I hope it makes you smile to.




Check it out…

Bethany Mota and Derek Hough – ALL DANCES – DWTS S19

Video by: kimran

Remembrance !!!

I Remember Do You ??

I’m straying away from my usual blogs because I think this is a very important topic that we should all pay attention to.

It is Remembrance Day on November 11 th.

 We should all remember and be thankful that we live in the place we do.

We should all thank all the men and women who have given their lives so that we can have the freedom and rights  that we have. They are our grandfathers , grandmothers, fathers , mothers ,brothers , sisters , husbands and wives.

We should all continue to thank the men and women who are putting their lives on the line for us each and every day.

We should also thank the families who have lost family members and are still sacrificing for the sake of our freedom in our countries.

So come on people get out and support our Military members. Get your POPPIES !!!

Read this poem and say a prayer for all our military still out there putting their lives on the line!!!!

                                                     PLEASE SHARE !



                              In Flander’s Fields

                           In Flanders fields the poppies blow

                            Between the crosses , row on row

                           That mark our place ; and in the sky

                             The larks still bravely singing fly

                           Scarce heard amid the guns below


                        We are the Dead . Short days ago

                     We lived , felt dawn , saw sunset glow

                     Loved and were loved , and now we lie

                                       In Flander’s Field


                         Take up our quarrel with the foe:

                       To you from failing hands we throw

                        The torch ; be yours to hold it high.

                       If ye break the faith with us who die

                      We shall not sleep , tho poppies grow

                                        In Flander’s fields

Liet. Col. John McCrae


Weddings Galore !

Are You Thinking Of A Fall Wedding ?

Fall weddings are beautiful. I had mine in the late fall , December 6th to be precise.  It was wonderful. All the beautiful fall colours. I even put some of the colours into my dress.

It was a little chilly but it didn’t seem to bother most people. We had a nice warm place for the reception.  Which was nice because snow was in the forecast. It managed to stay away until the next day so all was good. Then we had a five day blizzard. burrrr!

I would recommend a fall wedding anytime. But if I were to do it again I would pick late October or early November. Less chance of snow.

If you are thinking along the lines of a fall wedding here are some real nice ideas.

Check this out…

Fall Weddings


Fall is one of the most popular times to plan a wedding — and for good reason! See fall wedding colors, invitations, flowers, and more fall wedding ideas.


Gorgeous natural foliage and temperate weather make for great fall weddings. But for all of autumn’s positive attributes, there are still potential issues that you need to keep in mind while planning a fall wedding. First, keep in mind that even if guests are comfortable at your afternoon wedding ceremony, they need to prepare for the temperature to drop in the evening. You could even embrace the season with a few fire pits.  Another common obstacle is fall wedding flowers. Though many popular wedding blooms are not in season during this time of the year, this is the perfect opportunity to get creative with a fall wedding bouquet. Incorporate unexpected plants like wheat, crabapples, and ornamental vegetables. Finally, remember to do your research when selecting an autumn wedding date. There are many holidays during the fall ,by doing your research you can help your guests avoid scheduling conflicts. Don’t let these potential pitfalls scare you, though — fall weddings are worth every bit of effort.

Article by : theknot

Photo’s by  :  Lindsey Hahn Photography

To see full article and pictures click here

Fall Bulb Planting !

Great Tips For Planting !

Planting flower bulbs is fast and easy just a few things that you need to prepare.

Make sure when you get your bulbs that you keep the labels with each set of bulbs so you don’t get the kinds mixed up when you go to plant.  Make a easy plan for your garden , put the taller plants toward the back or in the centre of a circle so that all the plants are visual ,you can plant early medium and late bloomers so that you have flowers all the time in every area. Prepare the soil according to the instructions. Have your digging tools and you will be ready to go.

Put mulch on the bulbs if you are in a colder area and you are good to go for spring.

Happy Planting…


This is a real good video check it out…

Episode 26 Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs

Video by : BotanusTV