Chlorine In Our Water !!

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If people only knew about the chlorine in our water and the harm it can cause.

Our Bodies are made up of mostly Water !  Water is the most important thing we as humans can consume .

What is Chlorine ?  Well here is a little bit about it !

Atomic Weight -35                                                                                            Chlorine is an element of the halogen group .  The Halogen group is comprised of fluoride and iodine.                                                                          These elements have only one electron missing.  They are very reactive . After Fluoride the most reactive , non-metal element.

Chlorine is among the 20 most abundant elements. In one ton of sea water , there is 1.6kg of chlorine.  But in sea water as well as in natural  informations , chlorine exists in inorganic form as the safe negative chlorine ion (salt – NaCI )                                                                Properties : Greenish -yellow gas , liquid , rhombic crystals.            Hazard Classification : non-flammable gas , poison                                  Toxicity : Poison to humans by inhalation .  A strong eye and mucus membrane  irritant .

Chlorine compounds have been linked to 100’s of diseases and genetic health in both humans and animals. Concentrations of 50ppm are dangerous for even a small amount of time , 1000 ppm can be fatal even if the chlorine is dried.

One of the most talked about contaminants in our drinking water is the disinfectant used to kill harmful bacteria.  Chlorine with other chemicals and naturally occurring organic material form many carcinogenic substances.

In your shower as hot water steams , chemicals evaporate and are inhaled. The amount of chlorine absorbed by your body in a 10 minute shower equals  a gallon of tap water consumption.  Showers are the lesser of the health hazards .  Baths lead to greater exposure to the chemical concentrations. The chemicals evaporate out of the vapors and are inhaled.  They can also be spread throughout the house and inhaled by other family members.  House holders can receive 6 to 100 times more of the  chlorine by breathing the air vapors around the showers and baths then by drinking the water. Not only can you breathe these vapors in but your body will be absorbing the chemicals through your skin .The effective line of defense is to put a shower filter on your shower head.

Chlorine has been called “The Devils Element ”  .   God created 91 elements , man about a dozen and the Devil 1 – CHLORINE .

Chlorine gas does not exist in nature , therefore it is a stranger to our biosphere .  The companies that produced chlorine in 1929 did not realize the effect that  it would have on humans and wildlife . The compounds are now threatening the fertility of higher mammals such as polar bears and the have been known to cause intelligence disorders in children whose mothers ate contaminated fish while pregnant.  Scientists are stating that chlorinated water is not fit for  human consumption .

Many countries have banned the use of Chlorine and products with chlorine . In 1994 the Clinton administration attempted to ban chlorine , but the chemical industry was successful in stopping the ban of chlorine in the U.S. and Canada.

This is information that I have acquired from  it is for informational and educational purposes only. There is so much more information on this subject I could be blogging for a long time about it.  I just thought it was food for thought and then let people make there own choices.  I have written this because for the first time in my life I am in a town where I am using treated water. We have always had our own water source up until now.  Every morning when I get in the shower I get this horrible chlorine smell and I know its not good for me.  We do not drink the water but we are still in the environment where the chemicals are.  We are in the process of looking for a filter to put on our shower to help in some way.  I know its not a cure but its at least attempting to fix it in some small way.