Cooler Helper

My daughter sent me an idea that she found on line .  You know when you go camping and are filling your cooler .  First comes the ice and then you put your food in on top, everything is great for the first few days and then the melt starts.  Then all the food starts to take on water. You drain the cooler you move things around its still yukky in the end .

Well here is a fantastic idea that she told me about , this isn’t my invention but I’m certainly going to use it.

You buy 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe( plastic pipe for plumbing) if you don’t now what it is.  You buy end caps and special plumbing glue.  What I’m going to do is measure my cooler because they are all different and cut my PVC to the appropriate length . You glue and cap one end leave it to dry.  Once dry fill PVC with water leaving a space for the freezing process of the water because it will expand during the freezing.  Take the top cap , glue and put into place stand to dry . Once you have left it long enough to dry put into deep freeze and let freeze.  The next time you go camping put into your cooler and walla you have cold and no leaking water and no soggy packaging.  When you come home put back into freezer and you are ready for the next camping trip.

I’m going to make myself three .  We like ice in our drinks so I am going to get a smaller cooler just for ice.

This is a useful and fun project to do .

Have a great day, talk again soon