Fly Fishing

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Here is a look at what you will need to have to go fly fishing. You will need to practice to make sure you can get the fly to the section of water that you are hoping the fish are laying in .   When my family first started fly fishing many years ago they set up their rods and put a cork on the end of the hook.  Went out into the driveway or back yard depending on where they were. And spent hours casting , so they got so they could put the fly right where they wanted it to go.  Instead of wrapping it around themselves or a bush or another object that might happen to be there.  It got comical sometimes.  Even with all the practice they have hooked themselves , trees , bushes and other objects close by.

When they were fishing on the Morice River in Houston British Columbia my father hooked himself in his eye brow and they had to come all the way into the Houston hospital to get it removed .  That happened more then once .  He had a hard time living that down .

So even the experienced fisherman get themselves in embarrassing and funny situations .  But now and again everyone needs a good laugh.