Fruit Yogurt Dessert !


This is our fruit yogurt dessert that we are going to be having for our supper. It looks so yummy and I’m sure it will taste just as good.

You will need two large glasses ,  Yogurt-  regular or greek again this is your choice it all comes down to what your taste is I picked greek vanilla . The fruit of your choice , I picked strawberries and blueberries because it is fresh right now and in season.  I have used other fruits such as cantaloupe , kiwi , watermelon , banana’s and peaches . Which is equally yummy .

I started with fresh washed strawberries and blueberries on the bottom .  I cut the strawberries into quarters and put one on  the bottom with a scoop of blueberries .  Then I put about a 1/4 cup of greek yogurt , then  a scoop of cranberry trail mix on top of the yogurt ,on top of that more strawberries and blueberries . Then  more yogurt , blueberries , strawberries and cranberry trail mix . Once you are at the top of the glass put a about a tablespoon of yogurt on top and put a whole strawberry on top. The little dab of yogurt hold the strawberry in place to makes it look fancy.

This dessert can also we used as a breakfast .  It definitely is big and nutritious enough to keep you going until lunch or snack time.

The trail mix has dried cranberries , sunflower seeds , raisins , pumpkin seeds , almonds and cashew chunks .

It was so delicious .

Here is another recipe that I have used for a Fruit Yogurt Dessert


this recipe is about half the size of the  first recipe .

You will need smaller glasses , regular or greek vanilla flavored yogurt , cantaloupe , blueberries , a granola mixture and  the fruit nut mix .

The layering method I used is a little different then the first.  I started with the Yogurt then blueberries, cantaloupe , about a tablespoon of granola mix  then the fruit nut mixture .  Second layer more yogurt , fruit , granola mix then the fruit nut mixture to top it off .

This to is a good dessert or breakfast .  I have used them for both .

Hope you enjoy !