Good Day Fishing

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This is the place that we go to catch and eat our fill of fish.  We catch only what we can eat because they are much better fresh out of the water. The rest we say we leave for seed.  The place that we go fishing is in the northern part of British Columbia . We travel about seven hours north of Vanderhoof.  The road is gravel and part of it is not looked after anymore by either the mining or logging outfits.  So on that part  we are on our own and have to take any problems on our own.  Which we are used to, seeing as we have been going up there for over forty-five years .

Any fish we catch is in the Artic water shed that’s why they are so good. The water is very cold so the fish are very firm and have a wonderful clean taste.  There is no muddy taste like fish when you catch them in the warmer shallower lakes. And the feed is different.

We can catch fish at the river mouth at both ends of the lake either coming in or going out.  There is great river fishing .  They go up as far as they can and float down fly fishing as they float down to the lake.  The entrance of the river is real easy fly fishing too there is a huge sand bar that they put an anchor on where they and sit and fly fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.