Growing Lots of Cucumbers!

How To Grow and Care For Cucumbers and Get A Great Crop!

Last year I had the healthiest cucumber plants but I lost a lot because I didn’t get the flowers pollinated in time.  So this year I know better and will definitely get things right.

So I thought I would take a look at some videos by gardeners on growing them and amazingly enough I believe I have solved my problem.

I am going to be growing tomatoes and cucumbers.  My tomatoes did great so I think I have that going for me.

I had a couple squash plants and I believe the same issue was wrong with them as with my cucumbers I only got a few the rest were no pollinated and shriveled up and died. So I know now how to fix that but not sure if I will grow them again.  Have to see.



If they are not pollinated this is what they will look like.  So if you have them in your green house and they are not producing then you have to pollinate them because there is not enough bees to do the job.

How to Grow and Pollinate Greenhouse Cucumbers

I hope this short video answers some of your questions that you may have been wondering about.  Experienced gardeners will know this but beginners need to know some  of the pitfalls.

Video by: CaliforniaGardener