IMG_0630 Fantastic View

This is the View from our Patio .  It is incredibly beautiful in                the summer .

In my blogs I will be giving some real good recipes out for you to try and enjoy . I am working on them now and will shortly have enough to upload into my weekly blog.

In the coming months I am also going to be putting out a cook book on some of our family recipes that have come down through many generations.  I am in the process of putting it together .

Also you will get an insight into what Northern British Columbia can offer for outdoor camping, fishing and having a lot of fun .  We have four distinctive seasons all of which are beautiful and unique.

There will be a lot of information on natural health and the things you can do to help look after yourself .  I had been sick for over ten years and I finally took my own heath into my hands and through research and trying alternative  ideas I have helped myself .   Hopefully some of my information will help if you are looking for something different either to do with your physician or on your own. I worked and am still working with mine.  So these alternatives aren’t to replace your physician just to add to the options that natural products and ideas can give.

So keep posted for new and informing  ideas,recipes and tips

Have a great day !!