Kids Easter Project !

Another Project for the Kids over Easter Break ! Its not really a recipe but the supplies you need are like one.

Supplies you will need

A dozen eggs ( depending on how many children are going to be participating)  – As may white crayons as children . –   Easter colors in food coloring  –   and as many bowls as the colors you are going to use .

Boil and cool the eggs .  After they are completely cooled give them to the children to draw what ever design they would like on the eggs that they want .

While they are doing that you get the bowls out and fill fairly full with water and add the desired food coloring . Once the children have finished let them roll the eggs around in the food dye with a spoon.  Pick the eggs out of the bowl and put them on a cake rack to dry. You can also go to the dollar store and get little packets of sparkles and other diamond designs which they can glue on and decorate fancy and blingy .  The sparkle the better .  And it will brighten what ever you are going to display them on .

When dry use the decorated eggs to decorate your table or baskets for Easter.  Plus it keeps little hands and minds busy for a fairly long time.

Hope you enjoy this project I know I did when I did it with my girls !