My Greenhouse – Recycled !!




We tore our old greenhouse down , when we bought this home the green house was a complete disaster . My husband decided to build me a new one.  He kept all of the material that was any good, which consisted of the white greenhouse siding and a few of the 2×4’s that weren’t rotten .  We had four  4×4 ‘s that were treated so he started with the new foundation.

Then he was off to the dump ( land file ) to see what was in the discarded wood pile.  Low and behold there was enough 2×4’s to finish the walls. So up they went.  He then went back to the dump looking for 2×4’s again to make the roof stringer’s and again success, a few nails had to be pulled but other wise they were like new.  Then it was time for the 1×4’s to strap the roof to put the aluminum roofing on again the aluminum roofing discarded also . He came home with everything that he needed.  The only thing we did have to buy was the aluminum roofing nails .

We have started teasing him that when he needs something he’s off to go shopping. The dump is his new best friend for all good things he needs.

After the frame and roof were done he resided it  with the saved greenhouse siding .  The windows that are in the greenhouse are single pain retrieved from a construction site that was replacing the windows with double pane windows .  So I now have windows instead of plastic which will last .

We then needed a door so off he went again and came back with a metal door, hinges , door knob and all; fit perfectly . He also found some used eavestrough , perfectly good and he put that on so I can have a water barrel to catch the rain.  We also went to the water bottling company and got 6 old 11.3 litre water jugs that had holes. We placed one in each tub so that it will automatically water if we want to go away for a few days.

So now it was time for the  gardening beds , so back to the dump where he retrieved 6 old discarded bathtubs .  He brought them home and placed 4 inside for tomatoes , cucumbers , squash , pumpkins and watermelons.  Two were for the outside which I am planting potatoes , onions , beets and carrots. Now I do not have to kneel to weed. I have bad knees so everything has to be raised beds. I’m so happy with my new greenhouse.

I bought chimes to decorate and plant pots for flowers.  I’m excited to grow my own tomatoes and cucumbers .  I have never had a greenhouse so I’m on my maiden gardening experience.

I will keep everyone posted as to my success , hopefully I will have a bountiful crop .