Now This is a Fish

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This is a fall Steel Head which was caught and released on the Morice River in Central British Columbia  between Houston and Smithers.  We go every fall at least two times . We had just spent a week there .  My husband and daughters are into fly fishing .  I’m more of the read a book and keep the fire burning kinda gal , so I went along to camp sit.  I love the out doors nothing is better, so I have as good a time as they do just not standing up to my waist in water. They don’t understand me and really I don’t understand them so we are even . And that’s okay.


Most of our Camping and other fishing is done in the far north past the 56 parallel .  We fish in the Artic water shed that comes down into northern B.C. Canada .  There is no comparison in the taste of the fish , the northern fish live in ice cold water and are very clean tasting not like the fish in the warmer part of the province . When they are raised in warmer waters they have a softer flesh and if its in a shallow lake they can sometimes taste earthy.  We just like the clean fish taste.  So needless to say we don’t fish much unless its up north or steelhead fishing which is catch and release.

But this is our personal preference. There is lots of fishing all over the province and is loved by lots of outdoor people. B.C. has thousands of lakes with beautiful fish and fishing experiences.

I will be blogging more about our trips now that summer has arrived, I’m excited that winter is over. So stay tuned .