Silver Colloid Calves and Fouls

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For young calves and foals a small amount of Silver Colloid is fed to them twice a day.   This can be put into their water.  The dish must be plastic not metal. Metal will wreck the Silver Colloid.   It fights any type of pathogens that might be in the feed or water.  This gives the young animals a leg up in fighting any kinds of sickness.

If they get the scours it is very good in getting it under control .   With Mastitis the cattle go off their feed and their udders get hard and they have a fever. With the administration of a large amount of Silver Colloid these conditions either did not occur or were not as harsh .  It can also help fix hoof wart by soaking their feet in Silver Colloid water and putting it in their drinking water.  Silver colloid is also beneficial in treating common eye disease like conjunctivitis and chlamydia .  It also helps fight against bacterial ear infection and abscesses , which are common among animals.

These natural remedies are not to take place of a veterinarians  care – it is an alternative to try when you are dealing with these issues and you want to try something different.

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We are posting this because we have had farmer friends who have used this product with success.  So again this is a healthy alternative. And general information on a good product that is out there.



Spring Break is coming soon to our school  district area  .  So you know what that means .  All the little Kidlets will be home for ten days . What shall we have them do ?   I have just the solution to keep them occupied for at least a few hours a day.

PLAY DOUGH !! –   That is the solution !!

Here is a terrific playdough recipe .  I made it many times when my children were growing up.  They made lots of things some hardened some were wrecked and put back into the container.  They had contests to see who could build the best structure or characters .

You need a large pot  non-stick for this playdough recipe it works the best.  When we made it we didn’t have non-stick  pans . Oh dear I’m dating myself LOL

Take 2 cups of flour  ,  1 cup salt  , 2 & 1/2 tsp. cream of Tartar , 1 tbsp of oil  and two cups of water.

Different colors of food coloring for later.

Sift dry ingredients together , add to  pot along with all the wet ingredients . Cook for around five minutes or until you feel that its all together and done .

Take out the playdough  and split it equal size pieces and take the preferred food coloring add to each piece and kneed in the color.  Have the kids do it with you its part of the fun.

I usually made at least four batches of playdough for larger projects and had multiple colors.  It was definitely a great snowy or rainy day project.  They played for hours.   Give them a plastic knife , spoon , fork  , rolling pin and  cookie cutters anything  that aids in getting the creative juices to flow.

Hope you use this and have fun .  Pass it on to friends

Have a wonderful spring break

Silver Colloid & Birds

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Small birds a few drops of water in their drinking water will be enough and a cap full in their bath water.  Lots of birds , larger ones add more Silver Colloid to the amount of water used .  1 & 1/2 tbsp. to a gallon of water.

Some of the poultry industry is relying on Silver Colloid to keep birds healthy and bacteria free.  Healthy water is essential for robust birds  , and sanitation using Silver Colloid is becoming an alternative to traditional Chemical treatments .  It has become obvious that the water supply had become the reason weak legs have slowed down the chickens feeding as well causing respiratory problems that resulted in high death rates .  Bacteria commonly found in fecal contamination , were eliminated .  In short order , leg strength  returned and respiratory problems were reduced drastically .  The more active chickens increased their intake  of water and food , resulting in an average weight increase over seven pounds .  A pound above previous averages .

Application of Silver Colloid must be applied with a plastic or glass applicator.  Nothing metal .  In water again plastic or glass dishes.

“Pigeon fanciers , many of them reputed experts are reaping the benefits of Silver Colloid , if their enthusiastic reports are anything to go by .  Many claim that their birds are flying faster , have more stamina , and have never been in better racing condition since ingesting regular amounts of Silver Colloid .  Breeding results , it is said have also improved .  Hens seem to be producing more chicks and the chicks are reported to be healthier and hardier in the first few weeks.” This information is from – 


Homemade Laundry Soap

Here is a Recipe for Homemade Laundry Soap

This Homemade laundry soap recipe was given to me by a friend who does as much as she can by making her own household products. She searched for this recipe and experimented to see if it works.  She liked it so passed it on to me.

1 – bar of Ivory Soap ,  1/2 cup washing soda , 1/2 cup Borax powder

You will also need a small bucket , about  four gallon size with a lid.

Grate the soap and put it into a large pot on the stove.  Add six cups of water and heat it until the soap melts.  Add the washing soda and the borax and stir until dissolved .  Remove from the heat.  Pour 4 cups of hot water into your bucket .  Now add your soap mixture and stir until totally mixed.  Now add 1 gallon plus six cups of water and stir again until totally mixed.  Let the soap sit for about 24 hours and it will gel.  Use 1/2 cup per load based on a medium sized load.

I have been having success with it for about two years now .  Works great !!

Very cost effective work out to pennies a load .   With the rising costs in everything we have to save pennies where we can.

Have a great day !!!


Cooler Helper

My daughter sent me an idea that she found on line .  You know when you go camping and are filling your cooler .  First comes the ice and then you put your food in on top, everything is great for the first few days and then the melt starts.  Then all the food starts to take on water. You drain the cooler you move things around its still yukky in the end .

Well here is a fantastic idea that she told me about , this isn’t my invention but I’m certainly going to use it.

You buy 3 or 4 inch PVC pipe( plastic pipe for plumbing) if you don’t now what it is.  You buy end caps and special plumbing glue.  What I’m going to do is measure my cooler because they are all different and cut my PVC to the appropriate length . You glue and cap one end leave it to dry.  Once dry fill PVC with water leaving a space for the freezing process of the water because it will expand during the freezing.  Take the top cap , glue and put into place stand to dry . Once you have left it long enough to dry put into deep freeze and let freeze.  The next time you go camping put into your cooler and walla you have cold and no leaking water and no soggy packaging.  When you come home put back into freezer and you are ready for the next camping trip.

I’m going to make myself three .  We like ice in our drinks so I am going to get a smaller cooler just for ice.

This is a useful and fun project to do .

Have a great day, talk again soon

Friendship Starter Cake

I am going to start my Recipe list with a Recipe for Friends !

The Friendship Starter Cake

You must stir the starter everyday as it will crystallize . ” Do Not Refrigerate. “

2+ 1/2 cups sugar

1 – 29 oz. can peaches chopped juice too.  Put in a gallon jar and set on counter .   Leave for ten days .

On the tenth day Add 1+ 1/2 cups sugar

1 – 29 oz can of pineapple chunks or tidbits and juice .  Stir well and Leave for 10 days .

On the 20th ay add :  2+ 1/2 cups sugar  ,    1 – 29 oz can of fruit cocktail and juice  ,  1 – 10 oz jar of maraschino  cherries chopped Leave for 10 days

On the 30 th day , drain off all juice ; give 1+ 1/2 cups to six different people to use as a starter.

Use the Fruit to make the following cake ( there is enough fruit to make this recipe four times.  I would reserve 1+ 1/2 cups to use for starter for yourself gives starter a head start.

Now for the Cake recipe !

1 – yellow cake mix ( the kind without the pudding)     1 box of instant pudding ,     4 eggs     ,    2/3 cup oil   .    Mix together this batter will be thick.    Fold in :  1+ 1/2  cup fruit   ,   1 cup walnuts        Put in greased – floured 13X9 baking pan ,  two large loaf pans or three small loaf pans .  Bake in preheated oven at 325 – 350 degrees for 35 -40 minutes  (some prefer 60 minutes)

Good with cream cheese icing or whipped cream but also good by itself .  Freezes well .

Hope you have fun with this ENJOY !!!



IMG_0630 Fantastic View

This is the View from our Patio .  It is incredibly beautiful in                the summer .

In my blogs I will be giving some real good recipes out for you to try and enjoy . I am working on them now and will shortly have enough to upload into my weekly blog.

In the coming months I am also going to be putting out a cook book on some of our family recipes that have come down through many generations.  I am in the process of putting it together .

Also you will get an insight into what Northern British Columbia can offer for outdoor camping, fishing and having a lot of fun .  We have four distinctive seasons all of which are beautiful and unique.

There will be a lot of information on natural health and the things you can do to help look after yourself .  I had been sick for over ten years and I finally took my own heath into my hands and through research and trying alternative  ideas I have helped myself .   Hopefully some of my information will help if you are looking for something different either to do with your physician or on your own. I worked and am still working with mine.  So these alternatives aren’t to replace your physician just to add to the options that natural products and ideas can give.

So keep posted for new and informing  ideas,recipes and tips

Have a great day !!


Now This is a Fish

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This is a fall Steel Head which was caught and released on the Morice River in Central British Columbia  between Houston and Smithers.  We go every fall at least two times . We had just spent a week there .  My husband and daughters are into fly fishing .  I’m more of the read a book and keep the fire burning kinda gal , so I went along to camp sit.  I love the out doors nothing is better, so I have as good a time as they do just not standing up to my waist in water. They don’t understand me and really I don’t understand them so we are even . And that’s okay.


Most of our Camping and other fishing is done in the far north past the 56 parallel .  We fish in the Artic water shed that comes down into northern B.C. Canada .  There is no comparison in the taste of the fish , the northern fish live in ice cold water and are very clean tasting not like the fish in the warmer part of the province . When they are raised in warmer waters they have a softer flesh and if its in a shallow lake they can sometimes taste earthy.  We just like the clean fish taste.  So needless to say we don’t fish much unless its up north or steelhead fishing which is catch and release.

But this is our personal preference. There is lots of fishing all over the province and is loved by lots of outdoor people. B.C. has thousands of lakes with beautiful fish and fishing experiences.

I will be blogging more about our trips now that summer has arrived, I’m excited that winter is over. So stay tuned .


Good Day Fishing

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This is the place that we go to catch and eat our fill of fish.  We catch only what we can eat because they are much better fresh out of the water. The rest we say we leave for seed.  The place that we go fishing is in the northern part of British Columbia . We travel about seven hours north of Vanderhoof.  The road is gravel and part of it is not looked after anymore by either the mining or logging outfits.  So on that part  we are on our own and have to take any problems on our own.  Which we are used to, seeing as we have been going up there for over forty-five years .

Any fish we catch is in the Artic water shed that’s why they are so good. The water is very cold so the fish are very firm and have a wonderful clean taste.  There is no muddy taste like fish when you catch them in the warmer shallower lakes. And the feed is different.

We can catch fish at the river mouth at both ends of the lake either coming in or going out.  There is great river fishing .  They go up as far as they can and float down fly fishing as they float down to the lake.  The entrance of the river is real easy fly fishing too there is a huge sand bar that they put an anchor on where they and sit and fly fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery.




About Us


 HERE IS A LITTLE BIT ABOUT US AND                                          OURS !

Well I grew up in Vanderhoof ,B.C. Canada .  My Great Uncle moved here in 1917 .  My grandparents moved her in 1926 right after they got married.  My father and my Aunt we born . My Father stayed in Vanderhoof and ran numerous business my Aunt moved away.  Then my father married and I and my brothers and sister were born.

My husband was born and raised in Antigonish County , N.S. He was raised there with his parents and seventeen brothers and sisters .  Fourteen brothers and three sisters.  He moved to Vanderhoof when he was seventeen , so he has spent more time here then there.

We met in 1971 and were married in 1974.  Had a daughter in 1976 and another daughter in 1979.  My husband work in the forest Industry bucking logs on the landing and falling trees .  It was all done by hand in those days not like now everything is done by machines.  I raised our two children ad kept the home fires burning literally .  We built a log home and wood heat was our main source of heat. So there was a lot of daily chores.

During this time we started on our path of small business entrepreneurs  .  We first  started a lawn furniture business building picnic tables for adults and children, it was moderately successful but don’t quite your day job. LOL  We did that for about three years  then onto a new venture.  My husband became a chimney sweep which is a person who cleans wood burning chimneys.  It was much more successful then the tables .  He would be very busy in the spring and fall .  Which was good because the bush shut down for spring breakup and fall freeze up .  All the while raising our children and doing all the activities children do.

Then we decided to go big or go home .. We sold our house and bought a farm a ways from town and bought an little restaurant   The J & S Drive In  .  Its like the Drive-In on Diners , Drive-in’s & Dives.  It was small and we made everything from scratch . Working long hours meanwhile raising our girls , camping and finding time to have a life.  The girls friends worked there with them and it became a family atmosphere.

My father had a hunting guiding area  way up above the 56 parallel.  We managed to help and holiday up there . That was our happy peaceful place ,and after all these years still is.

After selling our business , girls graduating and moving to our summer cabin.  We started building a permanent home on the north shore of Fraser Lake . That was our next couple of years .  Husband was still working in the forest Industry so it was a slow process. I was having an break from owning a business but had two part time jobs .  We got to the point that we had to drill our well , so we had water for our new place.  When the drillers were drilling I was watching from the window of our new place. All of a sudden they jumped off the drill rig and it started to shake then out came the geyser  it shot 40 to 50 feet into the air .  We had an artesian spring .  We all laughed to bad it wasn’t oil .  So after getting it under control and set up , we had the quantity and quality done on it  .  The quantity was 30 gallons per minute .  The quality was unbelievable and the pH was 8.3  which was crazy good.

So guess what another business was born. All of our friends and family told us we would be crazy not to start a business selling water.  So we started our Water business , the next ten years were crazy busy .  Starting with 0 customers  I walked many miles knocking on doors; businesses , ordinary people and made many phone calls.  We made a very good business with local home clientele and a lot of businesses and large companies with huge crews.

Meanwhile our family was growing , 2 grandsons and one granddaughter were added to our family numbers.

In 2012 we sold our Water bottling business and since have had a two year break.

SO here we are today trying out a new adventure again .  This new adventure is WAY out of our comfort zone , but hopefully with every ones help and support we will find our way and succeed

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