Raspberry Razzle !


Here is one of the best smoothies that I have had the pleasure of making and drinking Raspberry Razzle .  Raspberries and banana’s being some of my favorite fruits doesn’t hurt .

Raspberry Razzle was invented quite by accident but it definitely is a keeper.  I had a little snack bar and started selling smoothies , so we experimented to come up with some new and delicious combinations. It was a hit we sold hundreds of them.

I use Mixed berry juice ( no sugar ) about 250 ml. (1 cup) ,  250 ml of fresh or frozen raspberries , 1/2 banana ,  and one scoop of raspberry sherbert ( if you can’t find raspberry sherbert you can use Lime it tastes real good to )  .  1 full cup of ice cubes put into blender and blend well until all ingredients are fully blended.

You can substitute sherbert for yogurt if you don’t like sherbert. It just makes it creamy but still delicious. A lot of people who where calorie counting had the yogurt .

I have also for myself  put in an ounce of wheatgrass and blended it in . It makes it a very healthy meal substitute.  One ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2 & 1/2  pounds of green vegetables. So I get my fruit and my greens all in one glass .