Seawater -Blood Plasma Substitute ?

Seawater – blood plasma Substitute ? May sound weird to some of you but this is an article that I read about and found very interesting. So I thought I would write a little bit about what I have found out .  The author of this article is Dianne Jacobs Thompson and was published in the Nexus  Magazine.  I found this on line on their web site.

This research was done by the author because of her fear of having blood transfusions or anything else injected directly into her unprotected blood stream.

They can screen the blood and do the best they can at getting rid of any so called bugs but they cannot sterilize the blood any more then they can sterilize vaccines to kill all unwanted “bugs” without destroying the nature of these products.

This is just a portion of what the article talks about.  She joined a membership website that featured little-known alternative treatments for cancer and infection.  This included “the Marine Treatment ” based on  the work of French biologist/physiologist Rene Quinton.  He proved that seawater properly formulated and under certain conditions , is virtually identical to mammalian blood plasma.  With the assistance of many eminent physicians , he successfully used seawater as a healing agent on thousands of patients in France and Egypt in the early 1900’s . Cancer was almost unknown in those days , but many other disease conditions responded to injections of the diluted ocean water , a true “marine plasma ” which could mineralize a sick body , normalize the pH level and balance the electrolytes , thereby correcting the underlying cause of many disease conditions by regenerating the “internal terrain”, as Quinton called it.

Many early 20th century scourges such as tuberculosis were shown to be healed by this remarkable marine plasma.  Historically, ocean water (plasma) has had numerous applications , based on the concept of renewing , purifying and regenerating the internal fluid terrain as well as maintaining the equilibrium of the body . It has proved to be a support for and  to regenerate  cell functions .

How important is mineral and trace mineral balance in the body ? Many researchers, including Dr. Joel Wallach  , author of the best-selling audiotape” Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” , claim that the absence of one single mineral needed by the body can give rise to as many as 10 different disease symptoms .

Dr. Wallach believes that a common heart condition which has killed countless victims from professional athletes to heart specialists , or made them candidates for heart transplants , is caused by nothing more then a deficiency of the trace mineral Selenium , which can help or prevent by a few cents worth of selenium supplements a day.

Enter Seawater – the missing link in deficient elemental nutrition.  It contains every mineral and trace mineral known , in organic form and in the proper ratios needed by human tissues – and its been there all along as a healing and life giving agent , hidden in plain sight. The web site that she first found the Marine Treatment information had a good report and impressive photos a more complete website on the subject was under construction. , she discovered Dr. Juergen Buche ,ND, he was in the process of translating a large body of ocean water research and supporting documents from the original French into English.

It turns out that the trials were run on stray dogs to test ocean plasma (diluted , cold filtered ocean water) as a transfusion substitute .  In one experiment , Rene Quinton and his medical team drained a dog of all of its blood and replaced it with isotonic (diluted) seawater.  The dog should have died immediately , one would think , but the dog lived . On day two after the transfusion , 50 percent of the blood components had reappeared .  By day four almost 100 percent of the missing blood components were restored in what appeared to be proof of biological transmutation (a change from one element to another) . Not only did the blood completely regenerate , but soon after the procedure the dog bounced around like a puppy with greater vitality than before, and it lived for many years afterwards.  Just think what a safe , effective , plentiful substitute for blood transfusions that would mean for the world..  No side effects , no blood type matching needed , no pathogen screening required , and it would be a true plasma with proven healing properties in itself.

Diluted seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma , and its sodium content matches that of the blood .  It was successfully used in animal tests but has not been used for any human trials .

This article is for interest and information only.  It is here for you to form your own opinion and in doing so there is more information out there for you to research. I am also going to so a little more information gathering because this is very intriguing .  Who knows what will be discovered next .