Silver Colloid for Animals


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The cat in the briefcase is my sister’s cat . His name is Whiskey and for some reason he liked sleeping in my briefcase.  All the time I was there if it was open , there he was.  He also has had some of the benefits of Silver Colloid when he was having some health issues. They have another cat Sugar who I never got a picture of but she also has had her weekly doses of Silver Colloid . She had some major bowel issues. It was just added to their drinking water.  It is very easy to administer .

Silver Colloid is highly beneficial on treating common eye disease like conjunctivitis and chlamydia .  It also helps fight  bacterial ear infection and abscesses  , which are common among pets . A pure solution is good for the common cold . It also rapidly heals tick and flea bites .

Seedy Toe  has been treated successfully with Silver Colloid . It is effective for eye’s, ears’ ,cut’s ,  scrapes , sores and toes , it also can be sprayed up their nostrils . ( good luck with that haha )

Horses have had it added to their water troughs and sprayed or dabbed on skin damage , cuts , bruises or areas where there coat is thinning.  A cotton ball soaked in Silver Colloid and packed into a gammy hood overnight and changed daily will soon uncover the growth of healthy skin.

Silver Colloid has been very successful  in veterinary use for the canine parvo virus.   Silver Colloid has properties that enhance an animals immune system.  Some animals tend to gain weight and  energy after completing a course of Silver Colloid.

Adding Silver Colloid to drinking water of  your pets will bring the fastest solution of all problems caused by bacteria , fungal , viral and parasite attacks .


Large animals – 1/4 cup twice daily for 7 days –  maintenance dose – 1-2 tablespoons daily in their water.

Smaller animals – 1- teaspoon twice a day for 14 days , then 1/4 teaspoon for a maintenance dose

All of this information is for your use , but it is not to replace a Veterinary’s advice and service.

This information was derived from personal use and from other areas . Most of the information came from collodial-silver .com  this is where I accessed it when I was looking for help with my animals and those of friends .