Steelhead Fishing !

kims cell pic 260

I have a funny fishing story for you.  It could have been serious but it turned out fine and funny.

My father and my husband were steelhead fishing on the Morice River just outside of Houston , British Columbia .  It was in the fall so it was chilly.  They were standing out in the water waist deep about twenty feet apart.  My husband called to my dad because he had just been in that area . He  told him that there was a drop off so be careful,  my dad just nodded and pretty much ignored him because dads are smarter you know.   So Ken just went back to fishing not paying attention . In a few minutes dads hat came bobbing along drifting right in front of him.  Ken grabbed it and turned around low and behold there was dad bobbing up and down just under the water trying to get his footing .  Ken grabbed him brought him up for air  and pulled him into shore .  Stripped him down and Ken gave him  his warm coat until they could get back to camp.

He was pretty wet and cold . Had to get all his stuff off and fresh warm clothes.  Hot tea and cuddling under blankets to warm up.

Needless to say maybe dads should listen some times .  Son-in-laws aren’t always wrong.  Anyway they had a good laugh about it then and for many years.

And they never hooked any fish to boot .  That was for another day .