Summer Garden


My Summer Garden !!!

Its not even the beginning of July and my greenhouse is going crazy.  We have had warm weather since mid April .  I planted my greenhouse the first of May .  Tomatoes are coming the plants are four feet tall.  The cucumbers are about four and a half feed tall and I have about two dozen very tiny cucumbers coming. I am so excited this is my first time as a gardener usually I have no luck at producing anything.  I studied this time on how to look after them and I am reaping the rewards.

My flowers are doing great to  I have poppies , petunia’s , and marigolds coming and blooming .  I like these flowers because they last right into the fall and can take the cold. Most the time my petunia’s last right into October.


I also have pumpkin , Watermelon and squash in the green house they are growing leaps and bounds but so far no actual watermelon or pumpkins .  The squash are coming but are only about two inches long.

I have old bathtubs outside and have potatoes , carrots , beet greens and onions in them . They are growing faster then I thought but the weather has been so warm and beautiful .

I will be pulling one of the potato hills just to see if they are doing okay in the tubs .  I will fill you in on my crop if I get some.

I’ve picked all my rhubarb , washed it cut it into chunks and froze it for the winter.

My raspberry bushes are growing great and it looks like a bumper crop of raspberries on its way. We are going to eat as many fresh as we can then I will be freezing them for smoothies this winter.  I think I will freeze them on trays lined with parchment paper so they can be froze individually.  That way they will not all clump together and fall apart.  They are very fragile.

Well that’s my update for now on my summer garden , I will come back with more as they grow.

Have a wonderful day.  Enjoy your summer garden !!