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Baked Bacon Done Perfect!

Making The Best BLT Sandwich With Perfect Baked Bacon!

We eat baked Bacon, Tomato and Lettuce sandwiches on a regular basis and have started to make them with baked bacon.  What a difference.  I like the taste of baked bacon much better then fried.

And health wise it is probably much better for you, getting rid of all the fat that it would otherwise sit in.

It takes longer to cook it, frying is a quicker method but you will not be sorry that you baked it.  The time is well worth it.

You can use this for any bacon dish, breakfast, lunch or supper. We started doing it this way for our breakfasts because we had so many people in the house that I figured it would get more cooked faster.  So starting to bake it was quite by accident.  Now I wouldn’t cook it any other way.

Another plus is not grease splattering everywhere.  Much easier clean up.  Tin foil into garbage and whip out the pan for excess fat, wash in soapy water and its all good.

This bacon would work well on all sorts of sandwiches and burgers because it is totally flat no curls or odd shapes.

baked bacon

bacon on a tray to be baked

baked bacon

Baking Bacon for Perfect BLTs! How to Bake Bacon for Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato Sandwiches

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