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Saskatoon Berries Are On Their Way!!

Bumper Crop Of Saskatoon Berries Coming Soon!

We are going to have thousands of Saskatoon berries in our area.  It is crazy how many are coming.  Visions of pies , jams and jelly’s are circling around my head.  Yummy!!

Some of the Saskatoon bushes are like trees they are around eight to ten feet tall, and just loaded. Not counting all the other smaller bushes.  Our whole road in the rural area where we live is lined with them.

You do have to be careful though when they are ready we also get visitors such as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and their baby bears.  We therefore make quite a bit of noise as we pick.

Most the time we never have any trouble they are only interested in the berries but we give them a very wide berth.  Never argue with a bear!

Saskatoon berries on a bush

a bowl of Saskatoon berries

A little trivia about Saskatoon’s:

  • Native to North America from Alaska across most of Western Canada and into the western and north-central United States.
  • Original called the Pigeon berry
  • It grows at sea level in the north of the range , up to 2600 metres or 8530 feet.
  • It is a common shrub in the forest understory
  • The name “Saskatoon” derives from the Cree Native’s.  The city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of Canada is named after the berry.

Saskatoon berries contain significant amounts of total dietary fiber, vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and biotin, and the essential minerals, iron and manganese, a nutrient profile similar to the content of blueberries.