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Homemade Weed killer!

How To Make Your Own Weed Killer Cheap And Effective !

Making your own weed killer that will do the job and not hurt the earth.  All out of natural products, kills only what you aim it at.  So you can do a selective process.

Not only is it safe but it is so inexpensive which everyone will like you have to watch that budget you know.

When you look at it weeds are just plants that you would rather not have.  A lot of them have some good qualities. They have health properties that you can take advantage of if you so choose. So killing them the natural way helps protect the area around them and in the long run the earth.

You do however even if it is non-toxic have to be careful with you use of it. To much can do more harm then good.

I now most people do not like dandelions but they have amazing uses.  The new leaves can be put into salads. The flowers are edible and the roots can be dried, ground up and used like a coffee.  I have tried the coffee and it is quite good.  Dandelion can also be bought as a cleanse.

So check out your weeds you may find a use for them.

preparing weed killer

preparing weed killer

preparing weed killer

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Video by: ETprepper