Tips For Producing more Wheatgrass !



I have been reading the book written by Ann Wigmore . ” The Wheatgrass Book ” 

I have been growing wheatgrass for over ten years having being taught by friends who grew it regularly also.

Reading her book has helped me grow wheatgrass faster and easier.  I was cutting my wheatgrass once it got to around eight – nine inches.  Then  I go rid  of the grass mat and soil, little did I know if I cut the wheatgrass at seven inches and left a little growth I could put it back onto the shelf and let it grow for a second crop up to ten inches. Then put the leftover soil/mat into the  compost to generate more fresh soil.  We had been giving our left over seed/soil mats to some friends who have chickens .  The chickens love the seeds that are left behind and then it composts into the yard.

So today I took my five trays at seven inches tall and juiced them . I got sixty ounces of juice which I froze right away in one ounce plastic cups with lids.  I then sprayed the trays with Silver Colloid to prevent mold and fungus from starting , and it gives the plants a extra little boost. Then I put them back on the shelf to get my second crop , I’m curious to see how it does.  I will keep you posted as to how it grows and what it produces.

I am in the process of planning my compost containers . In her book she gives plans as to how to make a compost container simple and easy.

My husband and I take an ounce a day before our breakfast .  We take on ounce container from the freezer , put it in a glass with about an ounce of room temperature water stir it until it is almost thawed then drink it.  We the wait about ten minutes then proceed with our breakfast.  Wheatgrass is best taken on an empty stomach.