Video-Canning Budget Bacon!

Help Your Food Budget By Canning  Bacon Bits And Pieces!

By the looks of the bacon in the boxes it is just as good as the regularlity packed bacon just not conformed to all the sizes that are in the more expensive packages.  So canning the bits and pieces can be used for regular frying plus in lots of other dishes that you can make.

Such as baked beans, bacon and egg dishes.  There are multiple dishes that the canned bacon would come in handy for.

 You will have this canning for an emergency, in case of power outages or other natural mishaps that can occur.

Also you will have total control over the food that your family is eating.  No additives unless you put them in yourself.

This way of buying bacon is also good for anyone who is one a fixed income or a family on a very tight budget. Anyone can benefit from buying their bacon in this form. The savings are incredible.

The bacon bits and pieces may not be in the normal bacon area of your Super Market but if you ask the clerks should be able to steer you in the right direction. I know at my store it is in the freezer section.




Pressure Canning Bacon Bits and Pieces

This is a great way to add meat to your food supply in your pantry.

Video by: BexarPrepper