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This Will Show You Great Recipes To Help The Weight Loss Cause!

Everyone of these recipes are so easy and they look delicious.  The ie cream one is so simple its silly.  And I think the flavour would be incredible.  You can use any fruit that you like to do this with.

I have made my own ice cream before but never like this, so I am going to try it for dessert today.  We are eating low carb foods and this will work fine for that.  Fruit is good carbs so it will be a great dessert.

I also use a natural sugar derived from birch trees so adding a little sweetener if needed would be just fine.  I have also made my own vanilla and its just about ready.  It needs to sit for at least another month then it should be ready to use.  I have a great recipe for that which I shall put up when it gets done and bottled in pretty bottles.



LOSE WEIGHT & GET FIT | Healthy Snack Ideas 2015 | Ice Cream Recipe!

Video by: BabamitsANNE